10 January 2023 – Majority Rule Day in the Bahamas.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Greetings from the Sunny and Joyful day – it is a Holiday in the Bahamas, and if you ask an average Bahamian the explanation would be it is the day when every citizen of the Bahamas acquired rights to vote in 1967, not only those who had land’s possession.

This is not accurate according to the real historical facts, reported in this article by the local newspaper Tribune, but please, allow me to stay with the story by how it is memorized by the locals.

This is a new Holiday, which is started to be celebrated only in 2014, five years after Credit Suisse robbed us in the Bahamas and one year after the UBS’s issue started, and this celebration brings me an immense joy, which I hope you share – how the human evolution inevitably progressing towards uplifting the rights of all human beings, bringing our lives qualities to the better levels.

It also links to the  recent dismissal of our case in the S.D.N.Y., where the court found that it can not intervene to stop a fraud performed by UBS (Bahamas) and it mother company UBS AG in not routing trading orders in the U,S. Exchanges, NASDAQ and NYSE, for the registered securities.

I recently found that in 1968 Late Day Trading was legal, now it is a civil and criminal offense. The same was Bernie Madoff’s scheme. In the same way, I hope soon, the fictitious trading issue will be forbidden once and forever, no more money stolen from traders by their brokers, as it is explained in this Bloomberg’s article by Matt Levine, markets will receive orders of all participants and when newbie will lose this will become a profit for an experienced trader, the taxes will be paid, the economy will flourish, the market volumes will reflect the real sentimento of the participant without distortion performed by giant dishonest unscrupulous brokers, UBS in the case.

And with wishing to all of you a smile and a joy, never cease to believe in the significance of our participation, even a little drop, together we are building a better tomorrow.

Please, as always, share this post and sign our petition, thank you very much for your support, for reading this article and helping our story to get more public attention, which really makes a big impact.




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