21 January 2023 – an eventful week.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I hope you had a nice week, wishing you a magnificent First New Moon of the Year, may Chinese New Year bring you Prosperity and Good Luck!

It was an eventful week on our otherwise stagnant legal course.

We started the week by commemorating the great Martin Luther King Jr.:

“Gandhi was inevitable. If humanity is to progress, Gandhi is inescapable. He lived, thought and acted, inspired by the vision of humanity evolving toward a world of peace and harmony. We may ignore Gandhi at our own risk.”

And we can say the same now about Martin Luther King himself – he is inevitable for our human history, for our progress.

Somewhat looking at him is another inspiration for us that the impossible fight against the arbitrariness of the big bank brokers, many of which seem to routinely not send orders to exchanges and pass through the United States National Clearing Center, may finally be stopped with our modest contribution. Then all these eight years of unthinkable struggle and deprivation seem justified, considering how beneficial it will be for everyone.

So, the first legal event is just about this – we were explained that before filing an appeal, we have one more step – to contact the judge and draw her attention to certain facts contained in our file,that this District Court amend its
findings—or make additional findings. And on 18 January 2023 we filed the motion Dkt 141, supported by the Affidavit Dkt 141-1.

Then, as the legal year began in the Bahamas, our new Chief Justice defended the courts due to delays and said, “Attacks on the courts unhelpful”

Notwithstanding that we are living in an unbelievable hardship, intentionally created by the Defendants’ attorneys and liquidators, we are patiently waiting for the justice to be made and not disturbing courts, guided by His Lordship The Hon. Sir Ian Winder above statement . While this remark was made regarding the criminal courts, we do believe that the same is applicable to the civil courts as well.

“Although white-collar crimes are different from traditional street crimes like theft or drug dealing, they are still just as severe and as devastating for society. Moreover, there are times when white-collar crimes can be more damaging to society than regular crimes.”

Attorney-at-law Magazine

With these words, we ended our letter to the Chief Judge’s clerk, on 18 January 2023, in response to a sudden letter from the bank’s lawyers.

It could be named only ridicule, three years have passed since our trial was vacated, they still do not have a single piece of evidence, but the defenders are concerned about getting an answer to their about their abusive application for further and better particulars of our claim.

I would laugh if it didn’t eat up the time and precious childhood years of our children, leaving us without capital and the inability to do trading normally.

Well, patience – since it is given, it means it is necessary.
Thank you very much once again to all of you, dear friends, for your support, for your attention! Please forward this article to your contacts and sign our petition if you don’t already

All the best and all the beautiful,
Irina and all

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