16 February 2022 – A bit of Good News

“Instead of holding a position of independence between the wealthy and the people, prepared to curb the excesses of either, able lawyers have to a large extent allowed themselves to become adjuncts of great corporations and have neglected their obligation to use their powers for the protection of the people” He further stated: “The great opportunity of the American bar is, and will be, to stand again as it did in the past, ready to protect also the interests of the people”.

– in a celebrated address to the Harvard Ethical Society in 1905 Louise Brandies, a pioneering public interest lawyer who later become a Supreme Court Judge.

Good afternoon dear Friends and Supporters!

A bit of Good News – today we had a  hearing for our application for leave to appeal to the Privy Council. We filed this application on 14 December 2021. However, our “nice” adversaries. Choose to put forward the two objections only on 10 February 2022, and on 14 February 2022, at 5.22 pm they send to us a nice 367 pages of submission and affidavit. 

We asked for an adjournment, and since our attorney was also not able to be present, the Court granted us the same. The hearing now is appointed for 4 April 2022, which allows us sufficient time to prepare and hopefully for our heroic pro bono lawyers, Mrs. Yvette McCartney -Meredith and Mr. Phillip Lundy to be present too.

The feeling of joy is here, there is nothing better than when you are heard in the court when judges are neutral and you can feel that you are equal before the court.

The issue is a long-time battlefield but I can’t say that it is not getting better if we look at how it was a century ago, two centuries, and so on.

It is raining in the Bahamas, we are sending to all of you our blessings and please share our website and sign our petition.

Irina and all


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