13 February 2022 – Two Preliminary Objection and New Intensity. 

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I hope you are all well and enjoying these last weeks of the winter.

Pretty intensive for us, “boiling” room.

Firstly we are coming closer to the sad anniversary – 4 years since our unlawful eviction, where our minor sons were beaten, my husband and myself threatened to be handcuffed and imprisoned.

Our day-to-day survival is a miracle and struggle – we do not have the right to work in the Bahamas, we do not have even minimum decent capital to trade, we are homeless and hosted by an amazing family, supported by extraordinary people, all of whom are devoted to the cause of Justice, exactly the one we all, as humans, are sharing in our heart.

And what is the reason for such prolonged indulged sufferance, is it not civil litigation?

And the interlocutory order is not enforceable. 

And the order itself could never be made since summary judgments proceedings are not available for possession of the land.

And what is the practical reason as the judge in the court of Appeal liked to ask me – UBS claim we owe them $ 0.9mln

We claiming $11 mln

The second client of the same law firm, Credit Suisse, owe to us in our restitution claim above $1 mln (with the legal interests )

The house value, which was security in UBS loan is $4 mln

What is the reason to throw us out of the house, in the midst of hardship instead of following proceedings?

The answer is evident itself – they do not have defense and they are convinced to be above the law. They are ready to use any tool available to them in order to not pay for their concealed fraud and illegalities, which they both are guilty of. Assisted by their attorneys with bottomless financing and great expertise, since they were also the office of Bernie Madoff in the Bahamas.

Well, this week unexpectedly we discovered that our application for leave to appeal in the Privy Council will be hard on Wednesday, 16th February 2022.

UBS raised preliminary objections, which are not either then trivial attempts to veil justice one more time and obstruct the due process. Will publish details in a separate article.

By 28th February 2022, we are ought to file our Third Amended Complaint in the Southern District Court of New York.

And by 2nd March 2022, we are to submit our objection to the respondent Notice of Taxation in the Privy Council.

A lot of work, incidentally or created intentionally, since the previous Court of Appeal hearing was awaiting 18 months after our eviction.

However, we are working and keeping trust in law and focus.

Your support by reading us, sharing, and sustaining us in any way you can is priceless. Just do not use GoFundMe, please. I am now double glad we never used that, what a shame and thief.


Irina and all



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