200th Anniversary of Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky birth 11 November 1821, and how he is helping us

We bound today to the genius of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, to the Good, he brought to the world, we celebrate those great souls which are sent to us from the Universe and if the time is good we are even recognizing them during their lifetime, or for some good last moment, judicial decisions save them from the death sentence, as it was in case of Dostoevsky.             Their genius continues to shine and illuminate our life paths, creating precious shortcuts between us and what all of us are looking for – happiness. Dostoevsky is definitely not a just reading, it is a life-changing experience, it is a mental, moral, soul quest after which one comes out refreshed and with more clearness and strength.” The Idiot” is my favorite,  the world needs Prince Myshkin. 

And of course, the quote at the top of this article is my question for all those years of our litigation with UBS and Credit Suisse, why, what is the reason? The unconscionable banks’ managers, who for the sack of a next bonus has overcharged us monstrously fees, dragged us in a five-year not-licensed, unqualified financial product, have not sent our orders on the American National Securities Exchanges (as it was a play for many brokers since 90% of unprepared traders-investors lose capital which in this case becoming their profit for free). Can human nature be so corrupted that for merely petty profit commit harm on another human being? Especially when the childhood of kids is harmed or even human lives?

How does the court officer, Marco Turnquest, come to the court on 23 April 2015 and lie to the judge that we were in arrears and that we had a simple mortgage, that a set-off of payments was already been done, and hide the whole investment agreement of 5 years, ended by UBS liquidation only after 1 year and 6 months, and the list of damages, refunds we have requested?

How he dare to apply for a summary judgment for the possession of residential land which is forbidden by Order1 Rule 6 of the Supreme Court Act of the Bahamas, which with the reference to the actions for the possession of the land will direct you to the Crown Proceedings Act, section 28(2)(d)  :“(2) The court may give summary judgment against a defendant in any type of proceedings except –(a) proceedings for possession of residential premises against –(i) a mortgagor;”
In the end, this is what we are asking in the case of UBS, and which is the very basic principle – a fair trial, where we are convinced that our claims for damages would be satisfied and the broker-bank will finally adjudicate for all the wrongdoings it has performed.

And as a person who grew up with this always ringing bell of conscience, shame, I am wondering for which reason he continued to lie in the courts, he continued to fight so unscrupulously strongly to defend this vexatious ridiculous medieval order for possession? Why he did not advise his client, UBS, to settle the matter, since they know very well their breeches and as a confirmation, in seven years, as for today, they are not able to secure even one witness? How did he with a colleague, who is the woman, dare to evict us and enforce the interlocutory order which was opposed and appealed? And through us out in nowhere with all kids? And how does the UBS liquidator, who is well-known QC, venerated by ex-parts and low graded by locals,, dare to command such an operation?

And as for Credit Suisse, as well, no orders ever were sent to the American National Exchanges. And the hyper-ridiculous charge of fees on us can not find any justification, other than robbery, which we’re positively thinking no court on earth will even validate.
The evil human nature which was so deeply questioned by the Great Fydor Michailovitch showed itself at glance in this litigation. And now almost ridiculous the last assault, which ended in provisory glory on 8 October 2021. Where one of the episodes was an attempt by the female lawyer to request from the Registry staff of the Privy council for favors in procedural matters.  Dear reader, if you have 2 more minutes I will invite you to read this correspondence and make conclusions yourself. I deleted names and email addresses, which are not publicly available, as well as some technical details since my respect for the judiciary is deep and sincere, and the offense committed by this so-called council is certainly harsh.

I always have a hard time seeing the evil side of the person, to assume that my interlocutor is not sincere. It is not naivety, it is my way to bring to this world a drop of good, a piece of prince Myshkin which I am proud to carry within me. Of course, it costs painful delusion and loss of more of whom I encounter, but it also brings a gift of a few very sincere, very real, and true people in my life, to whom my always gratitude, friendship, and support.

Thank you again and again for reading, sharing, and in this way supporting us or in any other way you may think about!!

Irina and all

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