11 November 2021

Good day, dear friends and supporters!

Our last updates are a sort of stillness, nothing changed since the last time, the assault stopped by now on 8 October 2021. As it is from the beginning.

We are in the queue in the Privy Council with our application for permission to appeal the decision of the court of Appeal of the Bahamas.

We are waiting to hear from the Supreme Court of the Bahamas for our trial in the UBS case, vacated on 23 September 2019.

We are waiting for the Supreme Court of the Bahamas ruling on Credit Suisse’s motion to dismiss our claim as time-barred, which is not.

We are expecting to receive UBS AG motion to dismiss our claim in the Southern District Court of New York, to which we will reply and nothing seems to happen before February 2022, unless a lamp of conscience and pure reason will illuminate our adversaries and they will offer a settlement, ending this ordeal, saving time and costs, since both of them knowing that they have nothing to defend against our claims. It is hard to imagine to happen here in the Bahamas, considering the way the lawyers for UBS behaved.

But today is a great anniversary – 200 years ago Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky was born. I dedicated a special article to this event and our fight against shameless adversaries. 

With blessings and gratitude to you for visiting our site, taking time to read and please, share, will close now,

Irina and all

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