25 April 2018 – Double event


Bitter and sweet, dark and light, black and white, but on the earth, we are all Pepper and salt together. During my first visit to the island of Bali in 1995, which was really magic and innocent at that time… one morning, while enjoying these never-ending glasses with fresh tropical juices we found all the statues {and there are many of them in each corner of Bali’s homes, hotels, streets, beaches] wrapped in the fabrics with white, black and grey squares.. I asked our welcoming bartender why it was and he promptly explained that white symbolizes good in our lives, black symbolizes evil, and they are never alone on the Earth. Always mixed with that is grey and it is our vision to distill and define them, choosing which side to give priority.

And it is also how the Universe cares for us – when something really hard happening if we keep our faith on the positive side something good will show up as by magic.

So it is happening over and over in our lives! Thanks to the Universe! Thanks to the people acting as devils who nourish our statement – to forgive but never forget. Thanks to the people-angels for bringing the Good!

April 25, 2018 – email timed 3.20 pm ECT, the “magnificent” Chizelle Cargill from UBS’ gang advised that our beloved cats were moved out of our property into the Bahamas Humane Society shelter. Cats are territorial, for them lose the house is like for us lose a parent, a friend.. But obviously, the cruel UBS gang doesn’t care. They are pursuing only one goal – to humble and break us done. Well, they can not. They will fall.

The cats look sad and disappointed, even if cared for very well, still it is shelter and no longer the home with our loving hands… We keep visiting them and hope soon to make a profit and relocate all together until the legal war will be won!

This was before

IMG_20170915_094442956 (1)

This is now, after 25 April


Well, but there is always good side- we met magnificent people in the Bahamas Humane Society, lead by legendary Kim Aranha, whose devotion to the animal case sparked many waves in this little community of the Bahamas.

And in the evening, a very warm and surprise invitation by the Italian community of the Bahamas, led by Honorable Consul Arch. Alberto Suighi was presented to us – we were invited to the dinner in honor of the Day of Liberation 25 April 1945 in WWII. Yes, we are all Italian citizens and are very proud to be so, love Italy, Italian culture, language, people and, of course, the food and wine!

So it was, the day which was supposed to have ended in tears and bitterness was by the evening nourished with many smiles, and friendly ciao’s and new nice meetings, even if only for the cocktail moments!

Life is Good, we should always smile!


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