New lives, little miracles – 4 May 2018

On the morning of 4 May 2018, we had a nice call from the Bahamas Humane Society – our little kitten had cats! We always allow them to have kittens once before sadly spaying them. So those arrivals marked the fourth generation of beautiful Bahamian potcake/kitten born and raised from our home… Oh, sorry, this time out the delivery took place out of our home, in the shelter… And more alarming was warning issued by the vet – the tiny kittens will not survive in the shelter! Sure enough, we count six of them this evening and started to look for a place where they can be held at least for the first month.. And this is the Bahamas, the country of open hearts and real love spreading through many people – even if devastated with lack of money and corruption of few powerful folks – the people of the Bahamas are still shining with unbelievable and real humanity in this “civilized” and very crazy 2018. Within one day a very nice Bahamian family [whom I can not name for now], with happiness and a smile made a room in their living room for our Little Ochi Junior, the mother, and her for surviving kittens! They are doing well and all are happy, as well we are – happy and thankful!


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