International Holocaust Remembrance Day – 23 January 2020

Memorial Candle

Today my thoughts are in Jerusalem, were the International Holocaust Remembrance Day was held…

In this full video on the 34th minute there is a magnificent musical piece which alone says it all….

Pain…sorrow…my grand grandmother Eloisa Litvak and her daughter, my grandfather’s sister… eternal peace ……
In my city, Odessa – on the Black Sea – which historically was populated by Jews, after the war survived only 600.. My mom was one of them…
On the 27th of January it will be 75 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, only 7000 rescued..4 million massacred …..
Our battle of today for justice has something to do with my refusal to accept any grade of injustice. The strength and persistance to fight come from remembering my brother and sisters who survived the horrors of the concentration camps…

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