Summary of the eventful week – 14 May 2023

Thank you again for being with us, reading and sharing this post, and signing our petition.

Good afternoon dear friends and supporters,

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers and Women from the Bahamian Mother’s Day!

That was an eventful week – first of all, our son came to visit for one week and we had a profound time together. Any material compensation will not be able to make up for these years of forced separation and now 10 years from their childhood.

The week also was extraordinarily busy with court three rulings delivered in two days.
On May 8,  2023, the honorable Chief Justice of the Bahamas Sir Ian Winder delivered two rulings made by retired judge Madame Ruth Bowe-Darville:

– Credit Suisse ruling in action 2018/CLE/gen/0953 in the presence of Credit Suisse attorneys- Christopher  Jenkins KC and McFalloughn Bowleg – we are dismissed as time-barred. We disagree and will appeal;

– UBS ruling in the consolidated action 2014/CLE/gen/01620 and 2015/CLE/gen/01451 UBS’s application of 2019 for further and better particulars was dismissed as delay tactics, and we are awarded costs.

On May 9, 2023, the Hon.Madame Justice Indra Charles delivered the judgment in the Court of Appeal SCCivApp. No. 24 of 2018  – our application for leave to appeal to the Privy Council or to re-open the appeal is dismissed. We disagree and will apply for special leave to the Privy Council.

Those are our news, and life goes on, trading is there. Please, keep trust in justice and do your best where you are.

With blessings,



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