27 February 2023 – five years and legal updates

Good time of the day, dear Friends and Supporters!

I hope you had a nice weekend and wishing you a good start of the week!

​Today is quite a day to remember – five years ago we were evicted from our home, with use of violence, on an interlocutory order, obtained in a summary judgment, clearly forbidden by the Supreme Court Rules(Order 1 Rule 6) and Crown Proceedings Act (Chapter 68 Rule 28.2).

But behind those legal words lies our lives and most of all the childhood of our children.

The thought that our case will lie base that the similar will never happen to anyone in the Bahamas, nourish us and  giving sense to this ordeal. 

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.”
― Viktor E. Frankl quoting Friedrich Nietzsche

​We are endlessly thankful to the family who provided our cozy shelter for those years and to all of our friends and supporters who made our survival possible, and the continuation of our fight.

We are thankful to our lawyers on Pro Bono, all these years – Mr. Philip Lundy, since 2015 and Mrs. Yvette McCartney Meredith, since 2019.

We are very thankful to our experts and witnesses, who are with us, and together we are waiting for a trial, since 2018, vacated 4 years ago, on UBS’ application that they do not have any witness, but we all know it will finally take place one day.

Our updates are little – the US Federal Judge dismissed our application where we brought to her attention the facts contained in our filings.

We are in the Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit now, case 23-20.

​In the Bahamas we were finally able to have the hearing in the Supreme Court for our ex-parte application for ​leave for ​Judicial Review against the ​Security Commission of the Bahamas (​SC​B)​ ​which refused to disclose public information regarding regulated ​persons –  UBS and Credit Suisse Bahamas​. 

​Hon. Madame ​Justice Carla D. Card-Stubbs indicated that she prefers that the other side would be notified,​ which we did.

​B​elieve it or not – instead of sending ​to ​us a simple broker check, which is available in the US with a simple click of mouse, the SCB sent two lawyers! 

Not only – lawyers asked for an adjournment​ in order to prepare legal arguments to defend their position.

I have no words, the absurdity of this SC​B​’s behaviour is self-evident.

The judge gave her directions and clearly indicated that ​it is better if SC​B​ ​will contact us​ and the issue will be solved. Otherwise we are to reappear on 17th March 2023.

It is very precious to us that Hon Justice gave her directions with exact dates for filing additional documents, this will spare us from the trick consistently played by Lennox Patton (lawyers for UBS and Credit Suisse) to present their multiple pages Skeleton argument the night before hearing​. 

Will see how it will unfold, with Michael Pato​n on SC​B​’s Board, and in the same time partner of Lennox Patton, the SC​B​ itself located in exactly ​in the ​former office of the UBS, and of course, the prompt appointment of the FTX liquidator, the same law firm Lennox Patton.

Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.

Viktor E. Frankl

We choose to fight for justice for us till the end. May the resolution come soon.

Wishing to all of you that magic and trust in the Good will be always with you, as this spectacular Sky’s show of the last week where the New Moon were aligned with Jupiter and Venus, so unexpectedly there are higher forces which before or after intervene in all the situations for our and common good.

Please, remember to sign our petition, share this article, your attention really counts.

With blessings,

Irina and family


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