Happy New 2023!

/When you do things form you soul, you feel a river moving in you , a joy./


Dear Friends and supporters,

So 2022 is coming to an end, we are leaving everything sad and difficult, we are getting ready for the New Hope, Accomplishments and Light.

The New 2023 is already marching in Siberia, where Yuri was born, in Bangladesh, India, China, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and many other countries and places and soon we will be there too!

There is such a tradition in the North Caucasus – any feast begins with the memory of the departed .. and at this time there are hundreds of thousands of them in this terrible fratricidal war in my native land, which is so easy to avoid if only the mercenary authorities, the holders, sending any portion of weapons, would be obliged to be at the forefront till it’s end.

This year marked seven years since my mother left  .. and it’s scary, six of our friends and acquaintances were left without a mother too, one lost her life-long husband, two lost their brother, one lost his father…. May they all rest in peace and may the time bring consolation for those who are mourning.

Let’s live, which means love, appreciate every breath and help each other.

Many thanks to everyone who supported us, the family that became our extended family and makes our existence possible, the family where we found a cozy home, our friends-supporters for all those years, sponsors of kids activities, our friends-witnesses – Alex Krainer, his amazing erudition and accuracy reports, courageous unveiling of the real facts of current and past events, and a newsletter which is a beacon of financial investment, thanks to Adrienne Toghraie – great trading teacher and friend,  thanks to our good friend Muhammad Zakir, his support and light, and his brilliant blog almost surreal while masterfully bringing the reality of this long path of becoming what Mark Douglas called a consistently successful trader .

Thanks to the fearless Rodney Moncur, who was forbidden by the bank’s lawyers to cover our case anymore, once they sent a threatening  letter to the Eye Witness TV, where his Freedom March show is hosted, but he was not afraid to tell us honestly about it and, of course, we understand, because most of us remain in financial slavery and while there is no other income, we are forced to stay silent and make compromises.

Thanks always to our lawyers in the Bahamas, who have been with us for years –  Mrs. Yvette McCartney Meredith and Mr. Philipp Lundy.

And this year we were gifted by coming to know about the remarkable work of the NYC based investigative journalist Lucy Komisar. Even if we are living this ordeal since 2013, many of the details in her reports leave us with an open mouth and we bow to her persistence, professionalism and frankness to expose crimes and frauds of the financial industry, political world, and the mainstream media

 It is a great happiness to know that you are not alone, that there are people who, like Lucy Komisar, have been waging this fight for 25 years – drop by drop, step by step, together we will win.

It’s nice to discover Twitter and reactivate my account there, thank you to all my new friends, to the lightning-like posts by Alex Krainer,  the precious sparkles from Dr. Paula Webb, the wife of Mark Douglas, thank you to all my new friends, especially great to meet Pax777 and his circle, a legend since the days of Leo Melamed, when under his leadership this financial revolution took place in Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which opened the way for everyone of us to financial liberation.

Real freedom, not the one artificially imposed in the country in which I was born and the 100th anniversary of the creation of which we celebrated this year.

Humanity is gradually moving towards more and more light and wisdom, and each of us contributes while remaining honest, not transgressing the principles of ethics and conscience.

The situation in the courts are still unchanged, after a bitter double dismissal in the Court of Appeals in the Bahamas in 2023, where we were first denied a hearing in 2019 because it wasn’t put on the calendar by the Listing Office, and now dismissed since ” it’s too late”. We are waiting for the date for the hearing of our application for the permission to appeal to the Privy Council (UK), where we already have our application for the main Appeal pending.

The Supreme Court of the Bahamas has a new Chief Justice, Hon. Mr. Justice Ian Winder,  who in 2018 scheduled our trial, which was vacated by another judge, at the request of the UBS ‘s lawyers on the “basis” that they had no witnesses, on September 23, 2019.

12 Our applications , including the one for the criminal prosecution of Marco Turnquest, UBS’s Bahamas main lawyer, who shamelessly lied to the judges during the hearings, are before the court. But the bank’s “skillful” lawyers have already tried to obtain a date for the hearing in order to sell our house for nothing, which is what they attempted in 2018. 

Yes, many “strange” details are seems to be inseparable from our case in the Bahamas – the Order for Possession against us made on 23 March 2015, without us been in Court, on a  Summary Judgment Proceedings, breaking the very rule of the Supreme court, where the residential land can not be decided in a  summary judgment and without consider our defence with a counterclaim, and at the distance of eight years we had not a day in the court where we could advance our counterclaim and defence, with a trial vacated theee years and two months ago.

Why was it necessary to evict us, in February there will be five years of torment, especially for children whose childhood is passing in the meantime, it is difficult to answer, it is impossible to find human or legal logic

The cruelty is only due to the fact that we inadvertently uncovered a much larger fraud of banks that simply do not send customer orders to the exchange. This is our lawsuit in the Southern District Court of New York, where we expect the justice’s ruling on UBS’s motion to dismiss us as out of time or Forum non conveniens.

Patience and persistence are needed to walk this path, but when you are honoured to be a part of this battle, when there is only one way and this way is to fight for the triumph of justice, then the Universe begins to help, strength comes from somewhere and New friends meet on the way and the old ones continue to patiently walk side by side, extending an invaluable hand of support. Thanks again to all of you!

And another inspiring event 2022 brought to us  – a lawyer who came from England, at his own expense and representing us at the hearing of the Privy Council in Nassau in 2017, became a judge of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. It is infinitely pleasing when such a person of such a professional, who has justice at heart, replenishes a number of the judiciary, our always gratitude and best wishes on this new path to the The Honourable Mr Justice Bennathan.

‘It is from the numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes against injustices, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.’

– Robert Kennedy

I wish all your dreams come true! And peace to all of us without Nazism and totalitarianism, in eternal dance and happiness for which we were born and which this Life on Earth should be!

Irina and all


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