The week of 27 October 2022

 “The future depends on what we do in the present.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Good day, dear Friends and Supporters,

I hope you are all well and of course, we are all praying for peace.

On the last week, 27 October we celebrated the 60th anniversary from the peak of the Caribbean Crisis. I hope that today the Good, the common sense and the ideals that are shared by all human beings – the treasure of our life – will overcome hysterics and irresponsible dangerous attempts to destroy us all.

On October 27, 2015, there was a fire in our house, and this experience may have prepared us a little for the more dramatic events orchestrated by our opponents that we were to face in the near future.

The day before, on 26 October 2022, in the morning we were “gifted” with another letter from UBS’ lawyers, addressed to the Listing Office of the Supreme Court where in their usual unscrupulous conduct, disrespectful for the law and disregarding the elementary rules of equity, they ask for a date for a hearing of their application to sell our home.

At the same time, they are well aware that there are 11 our applications, previous dates, which, according to all procedural rules, should be heard first. and, most importantly, since our position is clean and clear and not based on technical tricks, unlike their tactics – our trial has not yet been heard, waiting for a new date. And they still do not have a single expert witness to bring to the trial, and also not a single document to defend themselves against our illegality claims.

We wrote a letter to the Listing Office of the Supreme Court of the Bahamas and we hope and trust that the Bahamian legal system which is described in paragraphs 32-36 by Hon. J. Brian Moore, as he was then in Kohlrautz v. Kohlrautz and others – [2002] BHS J. No. 159, ”

32...  the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is…an inheritor of the British system of law and of Government which has evolved in Britain and in her overseas possessions for over a thousand years. 33The people of The Bahamas are justly proud of their fine British heritage.

which concludes:

36. The Bahamas has re-emerged as a fully respected member of the International Financial Community.

will resist to another attempt, by one of the biggest and unfortunately absolutely unscrupulous law firm, to bend the law- system in order to serve their greed-filled  unlawful purpose.

On the same day, 26 October 2022, later in the afternoon for some coincidence we received the ruling of the Court of Appeal, dismissing our two motions, which were never heard and where the second one was for another appeal. The reason then, in 2018-2020, was that it was not listed by the listing office, the reason now is that it is “too late”.

We are all victims of the same bank-system, often oppressive and unjust towards its clients, and it continues to surprise me why we found so little support among those in power for our case.

But we will survive and we will fight until Justice prevails, thanks to all of you, and we are thousands by now in 89 countries, almost unbelievable – Thank you!

Thank you as always for reading and sharing this article, and, also please, sign our petition if you haven’t already.

It helps a lot to bring this action to the public attention. 

With blessings and gratitude,


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