7 August 2022 – three dates and the future.

Good day dear friends and supporters,

I hope all of you are well and continue to pray and do your best for peace and justice.

 I have not written for a while and will try to change it even though our legal updates are practically absent by now.

The last week started with 110th anniversary of great scientist on 31st July 2022, thinker Noble laureate Milton Friedman, and as I wrote in this article, all of us have a great reason to be grateful to this scientist who with his ideas opened the way to end poverty in the world, realized through access to the self-directed trading for all of us thanks to the living legend, the Moses of traders – Leo Melamed.

“Poverty is not natural; it is man-made.” Nelson Mandela

And with trading the poverty can and will be “un-made”, as we have transcended illiteracy and many other flaws during our history.

On 5th August 2022 we commemorate sixtieth anniversary since the capture of Nelson Mandela, about which I also wrote in this article and expressed our gratitude for his great example and inspiration for all of us to fight for Justice.

Our little fight for financial freedom and defending the rights of self-directed traders against unscrupulous brokers brought us “only” eight years of deprivation, four years of homelessness, and deeply affected all of our children’s childhoods. But I know and trust that one day it inevitably will come to its deserved and just victory and set an example, confirming the rule of law that summary judgment for possession of residential land can not be granted in the Commonwealth. It will also show that the contracting party notwithstanding its enormous bargain power should respect the contract and comply with license and service standards, and not try to squeeze and put the weaker party in an impossible situation. I do believe that the exemplary punishment of UBS and Credit Suisse here in the Bahamas during our trial, in New York for fictitious trading, and in London for enfriging the very basic rules, will serve as an example and defend many of us. This is the greatest power behind our ability to smile and to walk. Which of course would not be possible without support of dear friends, one of whom now is kindly touching this post with his precious editing.

And yesterday in the spite of all the conflicts in the world, where in my native land brothers continue to kill brothers, we all commemorate the sad anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (6 and 9 August 1945) in a hope that our humanity will never repeat similar atrocity, will be wise enough to not end our own existence.

As always, please, help us by sharing this post, our story and signing our petition, for which we are very grateful.

With blessings,

Irina and all.


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