5 August 2022 – sixty years after Nelson Mandela’s capture.

Good day dear friends and supporters,

I hope all of you are well and continue to do your best for peace and justice.

Sixty years ago, on 5th August 1962,  Nelson Mandela was captured, arrested, which then led to his five-years sentence, followed by the sentence for life imprisonment where he served 27 years, 18 of which in a small cell with all unimaginable deprivations. 

” It is in your hands to create the better world for all who live in it.” – Nelson Mandela

He was 44 years old, father of four, and during his imprisonment his oldest son died in a car accident, also his mother died and he was not allowed to attend either funeral.

The sacrifice and tenacity of one man, along with his resistance and devotion against injustice, will be inspiration for many in the centuries to come, and inspiration and a source of energy for us.

His dream came true, his fight brought freedom and hope to millions of people, ending one of the most unbelievable reliques of the slavery times – the Apartheid.

 Our little fight against financial Apartheid, and defending the rights of self-directed traders against unscrupulous brokers brought us “only” eight years of deprivation, four years of homelessness, and deeply affected all of our children’s childhoods.  

One day on the walk a friend and a notorious lawyer with decades of practice told me: “After years I am convinced that the Justice will always find the way”.

May it be so​.​

As always, please, help us by sharing this post, our story and signing our petition, for which we are very grateful.

Have a nice start of the weekend,

Irina and all

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