31 July 2022 – 110th Birthday of Milton Friedman

Dear Friends and Supporters ,

a week ago we have celebrated the great jubilee of the notorious Nobel laureate Milton Friedman.

It was many of his ideas that Leo Melamed chairman emeritus of CME Group (formerly the Chicago Mercantile Exchange), who’s 90th Birthday we also celebrated this year, was able to unlock the unlimited financial freedom for all of us through accessing to the trading.

The self directed trading is a new form of humans existence, which among others will prevent the society from the greatest danger defined by Milton Friedman:

“The combination of economic and political power in the same hands is a sure recipe for tyranny.”

And successful traders will holistically detain the economic power and will provide for their families, their neighbors, artists, create opportunity for the people not-involved in trading, they will always be happy to pay more for all the persons involved in the activities essential for our surviving – teachers, medical staff, judiciary, services and maybe also those categories will start to trade too and perform their activities as pure devotion and not pressed by the need to pay bills.

It is worth to remember and to be thankful to this great man and his ideas, even though the society is still far from realizing it’s whole power.

And if you are puzzled of why trading is so self-discovery path and why you should perhaps consider to learn it, in this article All aboard you may have a nice invitation, as well as follow journey of the uprising part-time trader since 2009.

And in any navigation the compass is needed, so it is in trading-investment where the precious tool is I-System TrendCompass , which will provide you not only with priceless signals, such as shorting oil some weeks ago when everybody would think it will continue to grow, but also wit and brave comments on the current economical and political situation edited by its co-founder, writer, trader, hedge-fund manger, economist Alex Krainer.

And of course learning curve can be shortened by precious touch of the teacher, where we have a gift of Trading on Target lead by its founder Adrienne Toghraije.

Sending you our blessings for your success, gratitude for reading and sharing our post and our story, signing our petition,

Irina and all


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