9 May 2022 the Victory Day and double 77 years

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Happy Victory Day!

There was a time we were all together and won against the evil.

I firmly believe that the same will be now and Goodwill prevail over evil. 

On 22 June 1941, the biggest ever army in human history moved against what was the Soviet Union. Devastated by Stalin’s purges, no expert could have ever predicted the victory, and yet, in the front of unhuman cruelties performed by nazis, against their psychopathic presumption of exclusivity and superiority the world has united and won.

The Victory came and today, 77 years ago, on 9 May 1945 my beloved Mom returned to Odessa, and in her entire life this was the best day..she passed away at the age of 77, her heart survived the Holocaust but not the cruelty reserved to us by UBS’ lawyer.

I will post soon our legal updates. This post is to honor this great day and to encourage you all to continue to fight for Truth, Justice and to believe that the Good will inevitably prevail if we will persist.

Please, as always, share this article and, please, sign our petition and help us to get more signatures.




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