Rare intersection, Happy all in a hope for the Good! 17 April 2022

Dears Friends and Supporters,

I wanted to wish Happy third week of Ramadan, Happy third day of Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Palm Sunday! Happy Spring to all under the Full Pinky Moon!

May all our wishes for peace become true, may the world win through justice and dialogue! May all we realize that weapons’ can only bring more suffering and never peace. May we stand together against those who profiting on wars, who are trying to justify its continuation and spread hate.

Please, pray for peace, sent energy and most of all, stay strong and positive!

Our unbelievable story continues without any changes from the last updates, after the hearing in the Court of Appeal in the Bahamas on 4 April 2022.

I am convinced that if each of us would perform own duty with the clarity, honesty and focus it is needed in order to be successful trader, we would be already in a much better world. But it is coming, and John Lennon already said it in “Imagine“, and I know that I am “not the only one”.

Thank you all again for your support! Together we can step out of old weaknesses, hates, into new era where we all will be friends free of any nazi-type doctrines and setups.

Please, remember to share our website, sign our petition if you have not yet.

Thank you and blessings,



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