4 April 2022 Hearing in the Court of Appeal of the Bahamas

There was the hearing regarding our applications:

Yesterday the Hon. Judge John Isaak of the Court of Appeal promised that it will be heard now be heard. In this transcripts of the hearing on 12 February 2018, you can read on page 22 line 18, and on page 25 lines 19-25. Our three requests to the Listing Officer for this case to be scheduled for hearing were not answered.

The Court allowed UBS’ preliminary objection that we are out of time, even if we applied directly to the Privy Council in September 2020 . As regarding the second objection we now promised to be finally hear on that application, as from above.

The Court also dismissed our application for a stay of costs orders, as being out of time. We were unable to understand where in the Court rules can be found time limit for a stay of costs orders as well as the reason of why the yesterday’s costs order was not stayed. No legal base was delivered.

Here are bundles of documents which supposed to be used yesterday. Unfortunately we were unable to advance fully our argument.

Bundle of the decisions of the JCPC UK   – Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London , UK (JCPC or Privy Council)

Bundle of the Court of Appeal of the Bahamas Documents 

List of Grounds in Appellants Skeleton 21 and Arguments Skeleton 22

Bundle of the Affidavit Evidence and Submissions by Appellants and Respondent 


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