24 March – seven years, six years and four months, one month.

Dear friends and supporters,

I hope you are all well.

Please, continue to pray for my city Odessa on the Black Sea, for all the people in Russia and Ukraine, for the end of the fire.

The famous painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch, is what all of us feel these days, started one month ago.

And our legal battle continues.

Today is six years and four months since my beloved Mom left the Earth. I should always be “grateful” to the UBS’ lawyer who not only lied to the honorable judge in the Supreme Court, but orchestrated the delivery of that evil order to our home at 6.30 am on Saturday morning, which broken my Moms heart .. The best Day in my Mom’s life was 9 May 1945, she always said that ..

Yesterday it was seven years since the order for possession of the residential home, clearly forbidden by the very rules of The Supreme Court of The Bahamas, was made against us.

On 4 April 2022 we will argue leave to Appeal to the Privy Council before the Court of Appeal. How clear it is for all of us, that it is the public interest that each of us must be heard before judged, that the Rules of the Court must be complied with, – and that the banks’ corruption and oppression should be stopped, and yet this will be an important hearing and we hope to be successful.

In the United States case, after we have deposited our Third Amended Complaint, The UBS’ attorney wrote the defamatory letter (Dkt 113) with baseless accusations, to which we thought will be sufficient to address in the short letter (Dkt114). The Judge ruled (Dkt115) that we ought to address the UBS’ letter in detail and we did it by the way of the letter (Dkt118) and the affidavit (Dkt118-1), addressing his client’s hopeless position, who performed one of the biggest frauds against every market participant in the United States, and against every citizen at large, not only by never sending our orders to the United States Regulated Exchanges,  but by forging documents in 2019.

The good side is that the trading always exists, that before or later I will have some capital and will be able to re-start, for now wishing to all retail traders big luck, a good focus and a lot of deserved profits!

Thank you all for the support! Please, share this post and perhaps sign our petition if you have not signed it yet. If you do, I will appreciate if you will let me know since the number of signatures seems to be freeze.

Sending blessings to all of you and asking for more prayers,



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