6 March 2022 – Two legal filings, everyday pain and the Birthday.

Good day, dear Friends and Supporters,

I hope you are all well and of course, we all are praying for peace.

We had a very intensive period and on 2 March 2022 was able to meet two deadlines – filed in the Privy Council our Preliminary Points of a Dispute regarding UBS’ Bill of Costs, which has an emotional conclusion, which I hope that after eight years we are staying in this legal battle against one of the wealthiest institutions of the world, which damaged so much our lives, and especially this of our children, the honorable court will forgive and understand.

And in the Southern District Court of New York, our Third Amendment complaint supported by my affidavit unveiled an ongoing massive fraud, where UBS for years not sent trade orders for the registered securities in the United States Exchanges.

But since 24 February 2022, my life has changed. What was all focused towards our trading unfunded account, a legal battle and making it possible for our sons to live normally in such conditions, where for the last four years we are also unlawfully homeless, now is overridden by everyday deaths in the land where I was born… People in Odessa are awaiting what will be next… Thankfully all who are dear to me and whom I know are safe.

“I believe that everyone who is profiting from the war and who inciting it should be shot on the very first day of hostilities, by the trusting honest citizens of their country, whom they are sending to fight” – Ernest Hemingway.

Today is the Birthday of the great philosopher, humorist, writer, native from my Odessa, who lived in Moscow, It is many of us to ask, what he would say and he already said

MICHAEL ZHVANETSKY (6 March 1934 – 6 November 2020 )
And after you didn’t understand the complex and didn’t implement it, you begin to discover simple things:
That sleeping in the open air is better.
That living among greenery is better.
That you must lift up the fallen one
That you must let into the house to spend the night.

That it is necessary to treat everyone who entered.
That you must bring if asked.
That you should pay first.
That it is necessary to cook broth for the ill, even strangers.
That one should not get annoyed with irritation.
The earth must be loved. You have to love water.
Clean air is to be loved.
You have to want children.

Drop everything superfluous. Throw out the trash.
Stay alone with a woman.
Laugh if funny. Loud.
Cry if it hurts. Quiet.
Only a bad person can offend. A good one will leave from your resentment.
We need to restore our ancestry and to see who was there in order to know from where.
Don’t be afraid to go to the doctor.
Walk to graves.
Death is death.
And before it, there is some time.

So, let us live simple as Miсhael Zhvanetsky bequeathed, and let us pray for peace, may this ordeal be over soon.




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