17 January 2022 new steps

Good day, dear friends and supporters,

We hope the year started well for you, that you had amazing holidays, and wish you much Happiness in 2022!

Today when we’re all to commemorate one of the greater fighters of justice and rights of all, Martin LutherKing Jr, I hope that all of you are having a meaningful life, and since its origins humanity has not discovered another meaning as to love and to stay for just cause.

As for us, the unbelievable battle continues and we are marking eights years since the UBS’ started its cruel march against us in order to hide its own wrongdoings. Even though the fact that UBS never sent our 256 trading orders in New York Stock Exchanges seemed possible but unbelievable, we received confirmation of that only in March 2019. Each and every participant of the market and the people whose jobs are connected with it were and are still affected by this longtime ongoing fraud. It appears the UBS lawyer in NYC did not understand and has not addressed this part in his brief. So last Friday, by this letter (less than 4 minutes of reading), on 14 January 2022 we asked his consent, for the second time, to replead better our complaint in order to make it more clear what he should answer. We also asked for our case to be remitted to the Magistrate judge, which we first thought to not choose in order to make the process faster and understand only now that the Magistrate judge would make preliminary discoveries, while the Federal Judge is not doing it at this stage. Well, today he promptly denied both.

And as for our Bahamian litigation, after painful refusal of our application for permission to appeal in the Privy Council (London, UK), we returned to the court of Appeal in the Bahamas, where our appeal was dismissed on 11 August 2020 and on 14 December 2021 we asked for leave for permission to appeal. In the meantime, we apply to the Privy Council that the costs order will stay until we will return after being heard here in the Bahamas regarding our application for permission to appeal. Sure enough, on 14 January 2022 the UBS Bahamas lawyers filed an objection supported by the submissions.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to clarify any point and are thankful for any support you may be able to give.

I also started to post something on our Twitter account, @irastaro, which was opened years ago but it was nonactive till last December when thanks to our friend who inadvertently drove me to this whole world where also there are many traders, some are scam but many are a real success, gems of experience, wisdom, skills.

And as always we continue to be very thankful to you all for the support, for reading us, and for sharing our website which is helping very much.

Yours sincerely,

Irina and all

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