It is better

It is better to judge the state by the way the justice is made there.” – Stanislav Jerzy Lec

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Happy Holidays!

To all of You who have celebrated and still celebrating, may this time of days of more lights bring you new hopes, new energy, unexpected good!

And the title of this article has double support.

It is better from today than two months earlier when the news went about the report of 131 US federal judges, who failed to recuse themselves from cases in which they had financial interest and it is replaced now by this latest update – “Efforts are underway to enact meaningful judicial reforms at various levels”. And it should win, the public interest and good must prevail, otherwise, the dark prediction in this article by Robert Tembeckjian, the administrator and counsel, New York State Commissioon Judicial Conduct, will become truth:

If there’s no sense that you can get a fair shake by going into a court of law and have confidence that the judge is going to be neutral and fair and apply the law honestly and responsibly, it’s ultimately going to lead to anarchy,” he added. “Then, why not just settle our disputes in the streets rather than a court of law?

It is also better, it should be better also by the way courts are working in the Bahamas and should bring this country to its deserved prosperity and peace, and the courts should be clear and transparent as the pure hearts of its inhabitants, as the magnificent waters of the ocean which surrounding islands of this country, and everyone should be equal before justice, no matter background, wealth, connections. The Bahamas is a relatively young country, sovereign only since 1973, and has the benefit of its higher court – Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (UK), wherefrom the time of the Carta Magna the principle audi alteram partem – no one can be judged without being heard, was never violated for VIII centuries and I can hardly imagine that it could be broken in our case, where an unimaginable summary judgment for possession fo residential land was made, in order just to serve the interests of two wealthy institutions, UBS and Credit Suisse, and a small circle of their unscrupulous and greedy servants, in the time when the ignorance about traders possible gains is dissolving every day.

We were explained that the dismissal of our application for the permission to appeal to the Privy Council is a procedural decision and we corrected our mistake by asking for permission to appeal here in the Court of Appeal of the Bahamas.

Certainly, if we are lucky to have skilled lawyers to support us in UK and US, our cases hardly could be played for so long by technicalities. And this deserves a separate article.

Thank you as always for reading us, supporting us in any way you may choose, and sharing this article and the petition.


Irina and all

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