1 December 2021 Audi alteram partem

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Good day, dear friends and supporters!

I hope you are all safe and well through this unbelievable time.
So, yesterday we were about to celebrate our 14th anniversary since we landed in the Bahamas, which despite all that happened to us, we still believe to be the country of paradise, one of the best places to grow up children, far from stress and manipulations of all sorts.
And, what seems unbelievable, happened – our application for permission to appeal was refused by the Privy Council, in London (UK). This was a possibility since we did not ask leave to appeal to the Privy Council here, in the Court of Appeal of the Bahamas. We thought that our arguments, the way we are treated in the courts in the Bahamas, for example, our trial vacated two years and two months ago on the “ground” that UBS has no one witness, and others even more scandalous episodes, will satisfy the Court that it is last resort in exceptional circumstances and our application will be granted. And yet…Certainly, where you’re in the Court you can never know the exit until the decision is made, but humbly we, humans, come to the court in our sincere trust and search for justice and protection from greed, arrogancy, dishonesty all sort of illegalities and abuses of power. And most of all, as the subject of this article – the right to be heard and to have a fair hearing, the basic principle of Natural Justice. After seven years of struggle, yesterday’s decision brought to me much pain.

Thankfully, it is not a final decision, we still have a couple of options and of course, we will continue. It would be unbearable to be judged when you know that these two banks – UBS and Credit Suisse owe to us, and none of them have anything to defend against our claims, at the side of bottomless finance and skilled, unscrupulous (in case of the Bahamian law firm) attorneys, which made never heard in Common Law summary judgment order for possession of residential land possible and even enforced it by taking possession of our home.

We have now 21 days to make our opposition for the order for costs to be issued, which if not stopped, obviously will open the way to our greedy adversaries to rush with another attempt to sell the home at nothing,  in one of the most prestigious gated communities in the world, at no price, as they already attempted and I described on this article.

The next step would be to throw us out of the litigator’s seats, by asking for securities for costs.
the bitterness of this feeling, after seven years of torture, is obvious. Thank you for reading and supporting us.

We will appreciate hearing from you for any possible support, also in terms of legal skills, media contacts, this is a very decisive time of our battle, please, join and help!
Our Whatsapp +1 242 817 43 72  or email irastaro@gmail.com
As always, please, help to share this website and sign our petition.

Blessings to you all of you,
Irina and family


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