24 November 2021, Six years and one more….

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Dear friends and supporters,

I hope you are all well.

No legal changes on our side, as from our last update on 11 November 2021. But today is a very special day, and since this legal battle changed our lives forever I thought to repost here my Facebook post of today.

As always thank you for reading, sharing, involving more persons to know, and following our story!

It was raining this morning on our island, New Providence of the Bahamas. It was snowing six years ago when for the last time I spoke to my beloved unique unbelievable Mom .. and our oldest son who was with her and put on her favorite song https://youtu.be/UFTws7CTMS0

Tombe la neige Tu ne viendras pas ce soir Tombe la neige Et mon cœur s’habille de noir …

The snow falls You will not come tonight The snow falls And my heart is dressed in black

……..Peace and tears … how can ever UBS or Credit Suisse replace this pain, for me not be able even to be on my mom’s bedside.. for not to say her heart attack was provoked by harsh delivery at our door of a court order obtained by fraud… on a Saturday morning, at 6.30 am. You certainly are not expecting to see a police officer knock at your door, especially when living a protected comfortable life in one of the most prestigious gated communities of the world, knowing that the banks are in full error and are working on the solution to refund in one case, and the hearing went wrong and will be set aside, and refund will be also issued, on another hand …

This year, this month, even harder, my Mom’s beloved niece has now left the Earth too .. piece to one more fairy, dear aunty Ella … an artist, witty and beautiful..and another loss without I could even say goodbye … the two fairies are now together..and we are left hear to live..with a smile, as they would want us …

And six years ago I was in the Court of Appeal hearing, and could not be close to my Mom ..

We were told that our case now is studied at the University of The Bahamas Law Faculty as an example of the litigation of individuals against corporations …

We were told that notwithstanding it supposes to be a rule that in child custody cases the Appeal fees are ought to be waived if the party is in financial distress, it happened for the first time in the Court of Appeal of the Bahamas thanks to the changes we brought …

May it be … May you all be encouraged to continue to fight for Justice and Truth ..

May this serve as a tribute to the memory of my incredible mom, who lived an ordinary life of an ordinary fairy in this cruel world, who knew how to enjoy every breath, every page of the book, every minute with friends, every trip, every meal, who never stooped to be full of optimism, sense of humor, who never stopped to love my dad and after 44 years joined him in the Eternal Place from where we all come and where we all will return one day.

I naively continue to hope that in the hearts of individuals who so ferociously fighting against us a Light of Eternity may start to burn and they may close this sad tragicomedy by settling, well knowing that both of them, Credit Suisse, UBS, having no witnesses, no facts to defend against our claims. Finally saving time and costs for justice and for everyone.

But life continues, and we walk.

Blessings to all!

Irina and family


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