8 October 2021 Justice and Harmony – New Moon in Libra

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are finally with a piece of tiny but very important good news – the Acting Deputy Registrar in the Court of Appeal of the Bahamas adjourned the taxation until the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council will decide on our application for a stay. This was very important, as I explained in our previous post. This time also our precious council, a signor attorney Mrs. Yvette McCartney-Meredith, acting Pro Bono for us, was with us and gave her priceless assistance.

These whole proceedings are unbelievable as well the whole legal ordeal of our past eight years, not been heard yet in merits, but already evicted from our home and the lawyers for both banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, the same law firm, are engaged with inexplicable tenacity for the court officers, as lawyers are, to do their best in order to avoid the fair trial and possibly throw us out of the litigators’ seats.  

 It is a great treasure of the Bahamas, that there is the Privy Council in London – the Highest Court, which is the part of the Supreme Court of UK, which delivers its expertise, experiences, the result of more then 1,000 years of history, literally free for this country.  

  The Bahamas is a beautiful, almost magic place, populated by genuine people with great hearts and families’ values. But if not for the protection of the system of Justice by the Privy Council it would be destroyed by certain representatives of a so-called privileged class, which in their greed, insatiable thirst for easy profit, and not disdaining even shenanigans, would bend the legal system in their favor, living foreigners who decide to move here or establish trust with literally nothing, scaring other investors from arriving, creating economic destruction, poverty for ordinary Bahamians. But they don’t care, because for them this country is just a feeding machine, in which they happened to be born and grow up with the belief that they are above the law.  

No one is above the law – and if you read me, please, be encouraged and encourage all those around you to pursue their claims through the court system, if it is for Justice. Each of us bringing tiny drops to the whole of humankind to live better, for our children hopefully will live in the world a notch fairer, as the name of this website given by our son right after eviction, who was then only 16 years old.

Please, support us by signing our petition, sharing this website, or anything else you may think about.

With blessings and gratitude for all your precious’s attention and support will close now,



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