23 September 2021 – two years and more

“The time is always right to do what is right!” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Welcome to our website!
Thank you for reading and supporting us! 

Today is quite an “anniversary” with the case against UBS, initiated in 2013 – it is two years since the Supreme Court of the Bahamas vacated our trial on the ground that the bank has no one witness to sustain their position! We still have our three precious witnesses, experts and the fourth is me.

In the meantime, while we are waiting for:

–  the Privy Council (UK) to decide if to grant us a special leave to appeal from the decision of the Court of Appeal of the Bahamas;

 – the Supreme court to give us a date for the trial and to hear our applications where we are asking that UBS will be forbidden to sell the house and ordered to deposit in the court the whole amount of the damages we are claiming, since it is in liquidation;

 –  hearing from Switzerland where the service is in process to the UBS AG  under the Hague convention, as it was requested by the Southern District Court of New York,

in an almost unbelievable way, the UBS Bahamas (in voluntary liquidation) lawyers are attempting to obtain the permission to sell our house!

If you were to believe that the justice and courts have any weight, that the clerks and all members of the judiciary are having expertise and are having the justice as their priority, then you are certainly not a part of that law firm, since from the UBS Bahamas lawyers’ point of view they are entitled to dictate and impose on the judiciary their view as the last resort for deciding.

Namely, the first leg of their new fishing expedition, would be tomorrow, where they have a favorable Court of Appeal decision on the interim appeal and they will try to obtain taxation (the calculation of legal costs when all issues were determined). But this interlocutory decision is also appealed in the Highest Court, where, we hope, it will be overturned and no one can dare to predict it, except, obviously those over -“skilled” lawyers. Further, we have not been heard, since 2014, and the trial is still vacated.​ And the law provides clearly against such a “practice”​ in the matter of interim appeal:  A party who is awarded the costs of an interim appeal is not entitled to an immediate assessment of those costs unless an express order is made to that effect: Khaira v Shergill [2017] EWCA Civ 1687, [2017] All ER (D) 164 (Oct).
Obviously, the UBS’ lawyers do not care about the court’s time, not that they show any respect for the Common Law and human dignity. They are attempting and creating new costs for their client.

The second leg of this expedition, is the application made by ​UBS’ Bahamas lawyers in the Supreme Court of the Bahamas, ​for the permission to sell the house now, before the trial and at any price,​ which was already refused three years ago.
Among other grounds of why they should be granted the right to sell, cited exactly this website. Other grounds are of the same “weight”, such as that we have listed some of the illegalities UBS committed around the world, which are at public access and any one can conduce this search.

Yes, it is so simple, if you have the case, come to the court and prove it. But in the case of UBS they don’t, they know they will lose once it will have a fair hearing, consequently, this desperate attempt to press, obtain a sell and throw us out of the litigators’ seat since we will not have even securities for costs. They certainly missed to read Thomas Jefferson “ Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”.

With the Credit Suisse, another client of the same law firm, we are waiting on the Court ruling regarding their application that we are out of time and our application to strike out certain paragraphs of their fence as unsustainable, scandalous, and vexatious.

This is our news. And I ask you, please, to share our website and the petition – your help is very precious and with thousands of views from 80 countries around the world we are already can not be silenced without the hearing as our unscrupulous adversaries had planned at the beginning.
We believe in Justice and that the Good will always prevail over evil. But it needs us, all of us, to do our little part.

Big Thanks one more time to our lawyers who fearlessly assisted us during these years on Pro Bono base – Mrs. Yvette McCartney Meredith and Mr. Phillip Lundy. Thanks to our dear hosting family, to our friends, supporters, to our experts-witnesses! To every one who gave us support also by reading this site, sharing it and perhaps sign the petition!

And the Good always coming up. So, after frustrating weeks of the Afghanistan dramatic events, which are also in my previous posts, it’s a great joy to discover the American vlogger-traveler who in these same years we are spending to fight the unconscionable legal and financial attack on us, has realized his dream and traveled to every country of the world, only two left now! Not only, but he also was able to assist and to see safe his guide and friend from Afghanistan, with the family! This is especially dear since he is Jewish as I am, and he also has many friends Muslims, as my best friend is Muslim too.

We are all humans and the only division is if we are “just for the money” or if we’re for living this life fully, preserve the values, welcome abundance of all the good and reject corruption.

“Strive not to be of success, but rather to be of value”

– Albert Einstein

Thank you again, with blessings and gratitude will close now,


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