The saddest week 11 September 2021

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Twenty years …
How fast…fast…

May those 2996 people continue to rest in peace. Our deepest condolences to all those who lost their family members, friends on that terrible Tuesday … Among them were almost 96 of Russian origins, many Russian Jewish, around 300 of Italian origins, and representatives of more than 90 countries lost their lives.

Silence, memory.

May we never forget, never forgive, doing our best to avoid that to repeat ever and to make this our world a little bit better.

On that day I believe, the whole world was shaken.  It was not an attack on USA alone but on every person of goodwill, values, and sensibility.

And last week we said goodbye to the great Jean-Paul Belmondo, in this heartbreaking ceremony France accompanied his last trip…

The one of the greatest cultural events, with more then 100 movies where he did all the stunts, and his unforgettable “The_Professional”_(1981). His acting skills were compared with Shostakovich’s symphonies, Picasso’s paintings.

And I am also thinking about those almost three thousand victims of twenty years ago… They were all professionals… And thousands who died in the years after … which accordingly the most recent studies reached an unbelievable number of 897,000 people around the world ..
With this music and paths, we will keep the memory of great Belmondo and three thousand more and hundreds of thousands of innocents civil and military.

 And in the face of the horrible events in Afghanistan in August, we are now mourning also 13 military and hundreds of civilians, among whom many children... And this young soccer player, 17 years old

And if we to ask where is the solution, it seems to be clearly offered by in the Al Gore speech before the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco on 23rd September 2002, which we can now safely call visionary.

“Whether or not we’re going to demand as a nation that this doctrine of wash your hands and walk away be changed so that we can engage in some nation-building again and build the kind of peace for the future that our people have a right to expect.”

But the key is in the age of our digitalized reality, twenty years later, each and every one of us can contribute to the peace and brighter future, by simply not washing hands, by honestly doing what is our duty, by following the law, and maintaining our own expertise, without failing victims of momentum trends or conveniences.

There was such a person in Russia, as we learned now – Yevgeny Zinichev, who was serving humanity as the Russia’s Minister of Emergency situations, and was the General of the Army, also was a vice-director of the secret service,  who jumped off the cliff in the cold cold extreme Nord Arctic water of the Kitabo Oron waterfall in the Putorana Nature Reserve , in an attempt to save the life of movie director Alexander Melnyk, slipped off the cliff, the director who turned into a camera man for his new documentary.

We have now the last movie made by the director, Alexander Melnyk, “The Territory”, about the exploration of the Extreme North East, the biggest gold reserve of Russia where he himself worked for years as an engineer.
And a beautiful quote from the eponymous book by Oleg Kuvaev :
And what to do? I am sad from the mistakes of history. Previously, the world was captured by Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Alexander Macedonian or hordes, for example, the Huns. Attila took over the world. Now it is tightly and inexorably seized by buyers. Everywhere. From Lake Titicaca to Mozhaisk. The most implacable and merciless conquest. I love adventurers. Buyers have made them illegal. So I adapt. I am not a warrior. I am an opportunist. Trying to defend my self in the midst of general delusion. I want nothing but myself. “

Yes, so many people, not-`buyers”, lost their lives… we all cease to be buyers the moment the life path ends, so perhaps we should encourage each other and support in our day-to-day walks, keeping the focus on what will last when we are no more, and performing our duties with honesty and devotion, keeping in mind the value on the scale of eternity of our deeds. I direct this question primarily to lawyers whose clients are large structures, often strongly corrupt and in dire need of reformation, as many members of the Wall Street Club, and which with their endless financial resources and honed tools are delaying these irreversible process and progress?

I know justice will last, justice will prevail and this is the path we have to complete.
The Al Gore speech will mark its 19th anniversary. On the same day our trial vacated upon UBS ‘application on the ground they do not have even one witness, they still not have, and it will be two years soon.

I have trust and hope in the system of justice, law, and devotion of all persons who are involved with it’s performance.

And this week is also started with the Rosh Hashanah, known as the Jewish New Year, the Birth of the World – L’shana Tovah to all of you!

And today is also a  New Year in Ethiopia and we can all start a new day, new life, by facing fearlessly this sad anniversary, losses of the last week, holding this pain and memory in our hearts, and decide to live with even more awareness and honesty.

With blessings to all of you, gratitude to our dear supporters and Pro-Bono lawyers, I hope that this post may bring a tiny beam of light to you!

Sincerely yours,


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