31 May 2021, the Memorial Day

Dear Friends and Supporters,

with the market close due to the Holiday and a nice quiet rain on our island I wish to send blessings to all of you and bring our little updates.

But first of all, I will ask a minute of silence in the memory of all who died and remembered today, and also for those killed by the “random” fire, may humanity understand that in 2021, not any conflict can be resolved by blood, not any good can be build by using force and weapons.

And also, as in Alex Krainers’ recent interview and his books’ dedication to the population of Russia and USA – we should all remember how we won against the major evil during the World War Two and not allow the minor discordance bring us a part.

As for us, everything continues to be in a slight stand by, namely:

UBS Bahamas v. us, the first action against us, where we still have not been heard, we are still to find one case in the Common Law, where after the reform of 1873, the Judicature Act provided that the courts of common law and those of equity should be merged so that any single court could rule on any question, in cases like ours a similar decision was made, most of all in a summary judgement proceedings for possession of residential land. After the hard decision of the Court of Appeal for the Bahamas, when on 5th August 2020 our Appeal was dismissed, we applied to Her Majesty in Council – The Privy Council, in London (UK), which is the Highest Court for the Bahamas, for permission to Appeal. We are waiting for a decision.

We v. UBS Bahamas, our claim is four times more than the UBS’, where in our cross-action UBS has not even one witness, while we have our precious three highly ranked experts-witnesses plus me. The case is still at a stand point, since 23rd September 2019 with no news from the court.

We v. UBS Bahamas and UBS AG in Southern District Court of New York(USA) – as by the judge’s order, we are in the process to fulfill the service accordingly to the Hague Service Convention’s requirements.

We v. Credit Suisse – the last pleadings were submitted by us, to which the attorney for the bank replied by way of letter, saying that they have nothing to add and we are waiting for the Court to decide upon Credit Suisse application to dismiss our claim as time-barred.

This is to say that every one of us has a mission, it is clear that our mission at this stage of life is to defend the truth, is to fight against dishonest brokers, in the form of the two biggest banks in this case. But the time is working in our indisputable favor and if at the first stage of this unbelievable litigation we were called even to explain that trading is a real profession and that it was already 13 million active self-directed traders, the last year, with the rising of many traders, even as young as twenty years old, the necessity of defending the representatives of this profession is more evident, as well as the good this rising social class of fearless, honest and charitable people is bringing to the world.

We are always thankful to all our dear friends, who fearlessly support us, making this battle possible!

Wishing all the best to all of you,

Irina and all

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