Happy Victory Day – 9 May 2021!

Happy Victory Day, dear friends and supporters, to all those who value good and are ready to defend the ideals of humanity, from all backgrounds, all colors, religions, and none!

Blessed memory to my grandfather, Litvak Vladimir Isaakovich, captain of the second rank of the Marine Corps, heavily wounded, to my dear mother, Portova Natalya Vladimirovna, 3 years old then, whom my grandmother miraculously saved by buying out of the ghetto, my grandmother and grandfather’s sister were burned … And to millions and millions more, to everyone who died, who was tortured … everyone who then waited so long and did not wait, everyone who survived and lived with memories and wounds.

Mom, my mom always said that Victory Day is the brightest day in her life, the second was when I was born.

Mrs Eva Schloss, , Anne Frank’s half-sister, a freed prisoner of Auschwitz, also met this day in Odessa, where they were carefully transported under the protection of the Red Army, and told in Nassau in the Bahamas during her lecture in an overcrowded meeting hall with thousands of listeners, what an extraordinary day it was and that it remains the best day in her life, along with memory about Russians and the kindness of the people.

We believe that our fight against the two biggest banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, is also a tribute to the seventy million who died during World War II and in other wars. These banks facilitated war efforts on both sides, benefitting from the presence of war. It is time for change, when the money flow must be used only for doing the good. This comes naturally in trading, especially self-directed trading, where liquidity is provided to the capital markets that fuel society and allow for proper price discovery.

Today I pray that people will understand that war is not human, it is always imposed from the outside, it is always death and pain. Here is the interview, please, listen, understand, hug. put down your weapons, remember our mothers and fathers, grandparents. We are here to live, love, and remember.

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