21 March 2021 Spring New Beginnings

Dear friends and supporters,
Thank you again for being with us, reading this article and supporting us in all ways you do.

I hope you are all doing well. So too with this Spring Solstice Day, which for many cultures was and still is New Year day, Nowruz. May it bring to you new Beginnings and Hope.

Our cases are in a “slow” phase:

 -In the US case the Judge ordered us to serve our complaint on UBS AG and UBS Bahamas according to the Hague convention, at the current moment we are studying the correct way to proceed

– In the UK,  Privy Council, we made an application for a permission to Appeal, we are waiting to hear back

 – In the Bahamas, in the Supreme Court, against UBS. Our trial was vacated in September 2019 and the Court is silent

– In the Bahamas, in the Supreme Court, against Credit Suisse. The Court heard the bank’s application to strike out our case under the Limitation Act as time-barred. Which, simply put, would mean that we were late in bringing forth our case, which we were not. We are to prepare the latest submissions upon receiving the transcripts, which are still not ready. 

We continue to survive, representing a real miracle, being homeless for three years and deprived from any income since September 2013.But when the plan is higher, when you’re called to do good and have no option to step away, the Universe starts to work and help by sending fabulous people like those who are helping and sustaining us.

Our deep gratitude to the family which is so generously hosting us!

To our new and old friends, who became an extended family for us and our boys!

To our lawyers  who so bravely continue to support us pro se’ in our battles, six years on pro bono so far.

To our three witnesses, who continue to be with us. Hopefully we will soon get to the trial.

To all the friends and supporters! to the coursemates of our son, who with their friendship and smile brighten our whole family!

To our sons, who notwithstanding them having been thrown under this unbelievable pressure, grow up smiling, responsible, and diligent citizens of the world.

Yours sincerely.


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