24 November 5 years, 80 years and more.

“Justum et tenacem propositi virum! ” – Horace
(The just man who is resolute will not be turned from his purpose)

Dear friends and supporters, I hope you are all fine and can maintain good health and optimism through these times.
Our last legal news  was such a shock to me that I could not bring myself to write anything calm and meaningful. But today’s anniversary gave me finally the needed energy.
Today is five years since my beloved Mom was declared dead. Her heart was stroke by the pain of this litigation and in the moment when the lawyer for UBS Marko Turnquest maliciously ordered to the retired police officer to come in our home, in the prestigious gated community of Lyford Cay at 6.30 am on Saturday morning. to deliver the order for possession obtained by fraud and perjury. 
Five years passed … Before that my Mom was a widow and beautiful and the only One Mom to me, after my Dad’s premature death at only 32 years old ..My Dad would be 80 years old , 9 days before my Mom’s 5th anniversary.
It is to my parents memory, to my Mom we will never give up this battle with the banks.It is in the name of the compromised childhood of our sons that we will not stop.
It is in the hope to bring a little piece of Justice to this world we will have strength to continue to fight and the Universe will continue to supply us with new friends and supporters in what my seemed even magic to an unfamiliar mind, but for the seekers of truth, fighters for Justice  there will be no wonder that we continue to survive and fight. 

It was always like that from the depth of the centuries.
One more argument should be addressed – I was often criticized even by our sons, that this website is not so technical and concise as it is supposed to be. And I completely disagree – this website is a sort of diary of our struggle and battle with  some pages delivering only facts and pleadings.
And I can not share the view that technicalities should prevail in legal field – the legal field is the very vein of our society, it is the root and the base of our peaceful coexistence and hopefully progress, It should be blind and deaf when make decisions, but it should take in consideration in first place  the real humans lives, sufferings. We are in this battle since 2013, a significant period for us, adults and everything for our sons childhood.

So, what happened in our legal field till now:

– UBS Bahamas  on 11 August 2020 our appeal was dismissed by the Court of Appeal of the Bahamas. This left not only us but all our legal advisors, supporters and friends around the world speechless..  We did not owe any money to UBS when they started the action,  UBS was in clear breach of its contractual obligations and promptly went into liquidation 4 years before the contract expired. If this Appeal decision will not be reversed we can congratulate everyone with the gold return to the medieval era, pre-Carta Magna epoch – those with $$ are making the rules, law exist only for them.

 – UBS Bahamas following our Appeal dismissal we made an application for a permission to appeal in Her Majesty Privy Council. We are waiting to hear from London. In the meantime a very well known sage of legal field promised to present our case on Pro-Bono, should we be successful to obtain a permission to appeal

– UBS Bahamas  trial – still stayed, no date from 23rd September 2019. upon application by UBS to vacate a trial since they can not provide any witness-experts. we have all four witness-experts, as ordered by the court.

– UBS AG /UBS Bahamas in the Southern District Court of New York – for one year UBS AG is denying the service.  It can not be forever and Justice will win.

– Credit Suisse Bahamas  – the next hearing is on 4th December 2020, the application by Credit Suisse will continue to be heard, where they are trying to dismiss our claim as time barred. This is not true since firstly most of our claims are not statute barred (trustees’ fraud and proprietary remedy,  which is theft for the common persons’ language), then our contract with Credit Suisse was under seal and not  simple contract (time limit 12 years), lastly – we can not know that the cause of action occur until September 2015, since Credit Suisse people were continue to assure us that they were working on the solution and that they “are not there to rob people”, as the CS director then told us during the last meeting.

I will close here now with sending to all of you more blessings and gratitude for reading us, sharing our website and supporting  our battle in any way you can.
Yours sincerely,

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