27th July 2020 – Credit Suisse hearing

On Monday, 27th July, we had a hearing with Credit Suisse.

Firstly, I wish to thank Mrs. Yvette McCartney-Meredith, a signor lawyer of the Bahamas, who represented us during the Appeal hearings against UBS and came here to assist. Her presence is of immeasurable value, and even if sadly we can not hire her and she is not on the record, she is generously sharing her expertise and wisdom with us. Thank you!

And of course, the corrupt bank has a lawyer who is pretty inline with the whole structure. I feel sincere shame when watching Mr. Christopher Jenkins simply, blatantly lie to the judge. For example, saying that we lost money with Credit Suisse?  I guess he conveniently “forgot” to mention that we actually made $1.2 mln profit in two months, and that his client charged us an astonishing $570K in fees. And so on.

My quest is – for how long will this profession be dominated by this custom where the lawyer is permitted to lie in the courtroom without the risk of being charged with perjury? How much suffering does this practice cost human society as a  whole?

The most grotesque part came at the end – a needy lawyer for Credit Suisse requested that we deliver all hard copies of the skeleton arguments and affidavits to him, with all the exhibits and even authorities printed! Since he received it all already by email, then somebody, if not anyone, might think this was a joke, in the midst of a pandemic where we are all trying our best to limit physical contact, especially when everything has gone electronic and is online ? No, this was not a joke; this is the “method” and “weapon” he used to create more hardship to us (costs, time, and inconvenience for print). And who cares about safety, dignity, and saving the planet from useless paper production? Not certainly him. Well, Mr. Jenkins, you can enjoy your petty victory. How do you look into the eyes of your children or at yourself in the mirror – do you have any shame?

Well, the next hearings will be on September 7 and  8. We hope that Mrs. Yvette McCartney -Meredith will be able to assist us again and that we will be able to persuade the Court to dismiss Credit Suisse’ application and to allow ours.

As always big thanks to the dear editor of this article.

With blessings to all of you, dear friends and supporters,


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