4 Important Dates Milestone – 27th May 2020


“Of the four elements water is the second in weight and the second in respect of mobility. It is never at rest until it unites with the sea.”

  • Leonardo da Vinci

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Thank you again for being with us through this battle!

Today is a very special day – 20th anniversary since my miraculous healing after the car-incident and coma.
This was a great gift from the Universe!

Today is also one year since we deposited all witness-expert statements in our cross-action against UBS bank in the Supreme Court of the Bahamas. UBS still not having even one witness.

I wish to send our deep thanks to our witnesses, friends, who had the courage, expertise and dignity to join with us in this battle. Thank you!

Special thanks to out overseas friend, extended family, would be more correct to call – thank to this person our two oldest sons are well settled , studying and hopefully soon will even found a job to provide for themselves. Thank you!                                                                                         Thanks also to the only one, who is not only our expert, but our trading partner and unique supporter in all meanings, thank you!

Also a big thanks to our attorneys in the Bahamas, working on a Pro Bono basis all the way up to now.
Mr. Phillip Lundy, who is with us from almost day one, five years without us ever having paid him yet. And Mrs Yvette McCartney-Meredith, who after two months of intensive preparation defended our case in the Court of Appeal during a six-hour long hearing on 17th March 2020. And also to the one who is not in our record, but who’s precious guides has upgraded tremendously our pleadings and thanks to which our victory is hopefully closer now.  Thank You!

This would be the third date of today – 70 days waiting on the Court of Appeal to deliver their decision.
Today also we are to mark exact 2 years and 3 months of homeless – big thanks to our Hosting family! Our tenth home, it is beautiful and cozy.

The date we passed recently, but still celebrate – 9 May 2020 was the 75th Anniversary since the Victory in the Second World War against Nazis. All odds and numbers were against it, but the Soviet Union and its Allies won! We remember forever those who did not came back, all of those who brought this Victory by being in battles, surviving in concentration camps, working in the rear. Thank you for the Peace and for the Life!

In some way, our battle is to keep this peace, to contribute to the rights of all traders to be respected against dishonest brokers, to add our little drop in the world which could hopefully be without wars and conflicts, since the economic inequality will be in the past one day, thanks in great to the rising class of self-directed traders.

Special thanks to the editor of this and other articles, for supporting and always uplifting us!

Thank you all and, please, continue to appreciate every moment and ever breath of this precious life we are all sharing together today!


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