Meeting 11 November 2019

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

― Maya Angelou

For as long as humanity has been in existence, at least that part of human history known to us, we have always returned to the question of where to place our energies: mind versus heart, rules versus intuition.

And we see that the heart-guided events always prevail, and the mind’s constructed reality disappears, unless it is framed by a huge stone monument, but even that will perish.. What will remain are only our good deeds..

Perhaps for this reason I clearly can feel eternity’s touch when we were called to witness an extraordinary event, which occurred as a normal episode – during today’s morning briefing with Mr. Rodney Moncur a woman stepped in. You can clearly see that she had great difficulty in walking and coming close. Helping her self with a cane, her body had fresh post-surgery treatments wraps.. she politely apologized and said : “Mr. Moncur, may I interrupt,” and, after having been promptly welcomed, she said:” I come walking all way down here just to say you Thank you! Thank you so much for announcing my cook-out, it really helped a lot.”

There was a deep moment of two hands, straight.. there was an energy of how the world is supposed to be, of how one soul can help another, of how real people in the media should act and to whom they should help.

“The happiness of the whole world is not worth one tear on the cheek of an innocent child,” said Fedor Dostoevsky in his great novel The Brothers Karamazov.

And after all the atrocities lived through in the XX century, this truth is certainly confirmed and the question: “Is the world worth a single tear of a child?” is answered forever – No!

And do all big projects deserve to have our attention when the children are suffering, should we not first feed them and help?

Can a great man be great if he is causing big change but “has no time” for simple people’s suffering? This is Mr Moncur, who has never passed somebody in need without stopping to ask if he can help.

This was a great moment, a great example of why we have been honored by and are joyful to meet this great man.

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