‘Housekeeping’ Hearing of 23 September 2019

23 September

It is a bitter feeling when you see your trial postponed, 6 years since UBS made a major contractual breach, 4 years after we started to sue them and 14 months after the pre-trial conference and after being through a whole ordeal (for full details please, click here or in short – 18 months earlier we were forcefully evicted in a way that is unprecedented in Common Law countries and the civil world in the past century, except under Nazi occupation – namely upon an interlocutory order, without suitable accommodation, with six children, five of which were minor at the time.)

Further, the court acceded to UBS‘ application to vacate the trial date! On what grounds? On what strong and undeniable evidence? In the light of all UBS‘ delays, last non-compliance with the court orders.

There will be no date for trial until the ruling about “Further and Better Particulars” will be made. An application which, notwithstanding our opposition, was heard for 3 full days. All requested particulars were delivered by us in that time to the court.
Perhaps the judge is preparing a summary judgment against UBS, which would give sense to this delay. Otherwise every fair and reasonable observer will have the same obvious question – why have all of UBS‘ applications been heard even if they are clearly absurd, and ours are pending for literally years?
Please, consider signing our petition and help get more signatures.
Thank you for the attention and support!
Irina and all


  1. […] We thought that our arguments, the way we are treated in the courts in the Bahamas, for example, our trial vacated two years and two months ago on the “ground” that UBS has no one witne…, and others even more scandalous episodes, we were hoping to be able to have application granted. […]


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