The Bahamas and its Damages Because Nazis Shaped The System

NaziVisiting Bahamas

We are living for the past 11 years in a beautiful country, a Paradise on Earth – the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, the country of many islands, young of its independence, only since 1973, with a very patriotic native population, about which I will write more.

This is my first post in the long-wanted section dedicated to this beautiful country.

Despite all that happened to us, we still believe that the Bahamas is Paradise, and it is only a few corrupted persons, who believe themselves to be above the law and who are damaging this country. It is puzzling, how this small nation, with huge touristic potential, is not joyfully living in prosperity, but contrary, too many people are battling day to day miseries and the Social Service check is a joke – for our family of eight, it is 189$/monthly, with which we are expected to buy all our groceries, esthetical, medicals…  The yearly help for rent is only 1200$. And prices here are higher than in the USA.

But this was made with a clear purpose – many stories about escaped nazis are circulating here, and it is known that the most prominent firms hold their documents.  Not a wonder, we are all rooted in our history. As soon as Bahamians will know their real history, they will be able to change it. And this is my little drop in order to help this process.

The main bank of the Bahamas – Bank of the Bahamas, was funding  vehicle of nazi, as from this article is

It looks that to stay in hidden was too boring for escaped war criminals, so in 1961 was an attempt to form a real nazi group

Later, no less than the main bankster of Hitler,  85 years old Hjalmar Schacht, whose niece Ilse was a wife of one of the most dangerous war criminals -Otto Skorzney, Hitler’s Chief Hitman and Kidnapper. was brought in the help to organize the economy in the way that native people will be always kept in ignorance and poverty (except a few trustful servants of this order).

Today, we can see, that the son of good family, ex-student of one of most prestigious schools of island, is now sentenced in the USA for his Neo-Nazi threats

All dark forces are always grouping together, very easily.

It is now our turn, of good people, to stand against this evil order and make them leave the Bahamas. Please, share this article with everyone you may know. Thank you.




  1. […] I know that most of the people employed in these companies are not happy to be there, performing their duties since have no other means to pay their bills, but they do have access to the important information and can share it with the interested authorities, investigative journalists, and in doing so help this country to rise from the unjust struggle in which it is intentionally kept, since late 60s of the Twenties century, when nazi’s fugitives applied their best to keep country in crime, financial slavery and ignorance. […]


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