27 March 2019

CartaMagna 1297

Magna Carta of 1215                                                                                                                    (‘Nulli vendemus, nulli negabimus aut differemus rectum aut justiciam’),                                which remains on the statute book in the closing words of Ch 29 of the version issued by Edward I in 1297:
‘We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.’

On 27 March 2019, we were finally in the Court of Appeal, to settle record for our Appeal, hopefully, to be heard very soon.

The Registrar of the Court of Appeal defined which documents will form the bundle and which other documents we should submit as new evidence, by 9 May 2019.

The sad part is that the Registrar found it necessary to impose on us a payment of the bond. She reduced it to 1,000$ but still, we have no capital and no income, this decision is blindly preventing us from our constitutional rights of being heard. This is a type of custom with which injustice is going on a long time in the Bahamas. We hope we will be able to bring the change – in Common Law, it is a long-standing standard of the whole system of guaranteeing access to justice to every citizen. Otherwise, we would live in a world of “might makes right.” Please, read the Unison case in our legal proceedings page – it is very instructive and must be known, especially by the people of the Bahamas: 27 March 2019 Setting record in the Court of Appeal

The grotesqueness of this situation, as always, was added by the lawyer of UBS. Who opposed from our Writ of Summons against UBS and other documents, that would have been included, doing so with the main purpose of hiding from the court important evidence and the hope that we will not be able to find the money to file additional applications, required at this point for new evidence!

The apogee came at the end – the lawyer pretended that we will deliver to them a paper copy of the bundle of documents! In 2019,  when most business is conducted via PDF and other electronic copies. From another side, knowing that we are homeless, printerless and every step is a struggle. Well, apparently this is their only “weapon” left, to create obstacles in the hope that our destitution will prevent us from carrying on, but justice does not care for dollar signs, it cares for one and only one thing – truth!

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