6th March – Ten Years FAS 550K Anniversary


We held a position in ETFs, FAS, in these days 10 years ago.

We did not know about charts, stop losses and all the technical tools traders normally use. It all looked like in the picture above – just imagine, dive in the unknown.

Little did we know, when we accepted our “friend’s”, Frank Goncalves, plea to sell our position, otherwise, he would have a problem.

We had a large position, accumulated in the range between 2.48$ and 2.94$, for the rest the charts can speak.

This was one of the most devastating pillars in our story as professional traders and growing up with childish beliefs, imprinted on us, such as trusting the Swiss banksters.

Ten years on now. Many changes, many thoughts. Grateful for this experience. Determined to bring our cases to victory and in doing so to put a little drop in the process of the reconstruction of the financial industry.


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