Supreme Court Bahamas, 5th March – Fair Work

Yesterday, March 5th, was a very good day, for us and for the Bahamas!
No more pirates, no more victories for the connected greedy, or so yesterday indicates.
The Court, Judge Ian Winder, made a ruling that UBS’ applications for sale will not proceed before the trial, in September 2019. Unfortunately, our two applications to serve interrogatories and to cross-exam where also refused. We are preparing now the documents and statements for the trial. Will update accordingly on our website.
It is hard to express and explain the size of our victory, for the Justice, for the Bahamas, for us. Those who are far from this jurisdiction cannot believe and will have a hard time to understand, but for us, victims of the old system of men who believe to be above the law, who think only in terms of cash income and ego satisfaction, for us, as for so many others, this victory is very significant, a breakthrough point.
The enemies exhausted their weapons, it is time for them to give up and settle, before all the ugliness they did will become legally condemned and their names fully exposed, before their client name, UBS and Credit Suisse, will be marked with one more unwashable stain.
Dear friends and supporters, we wish you all the best, please, celebrate!

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