27 February 2019


Justice is conscience, not a personal conscience but the conscience of the whole of humanity. Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognizes also the voice of justice.”                                                                                                                    – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn   https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/literature/1970/solzhenitsyn/biographical/

February is a special month, it is not only ten years since we started on the path of professional trading and were deceived by Credit Suisse, Bahamas. Today is also a sad anniversary – one year since the unlawful and violent eviction took place. But it is also a miraculous anniversary – eight of us survived this hardship by a miracle, hosted by people who we did not even know a year ago! And we have no money, no rights to work in the Bahamas and our trading account is unfunded.

Our memories and gratitude go out to those who are not with us anymore and cannot observe from Earth our developments, struggles, and victories… To my dear Mother, Nathalia Litvak…  Peace to you, Mamochka…

To the dear Mario Knowles, of the Supreme Court of the Bahamas, who suddenly, for us,  left this world at only 43. We met you on 2 November 2015 and your kindness and readiness to always help were amazing. Peace and memories and strength to your mother and family.

We wish to express our gratitude and veneration towards  Lord Sumption https://www.supremecourt.uk/watch/valedictory/lord-sumption.html , who delivered our judgment, and to Lord Mance, Lord Kerr, Lord Reed, and Lord Hughes, before whom our hearing took place on 24 February 2017, in the Bahamas, who all unanimously made this decision: https://www.jcpc.uk/cases/docs/jcpc-2016-0052-judgment.pdf and to the whole Privy Council https://www.jcpc.uk/

                                               “Nothing is to be preferred before justice”                                                                                                                                                          – Socrates

Our deepest gratitude to the dear Mr. Leo Melamed, http://www.leomelamed.com/. You and your circle made it possible for us and for millions of others to obtain financial freedom, without even a capital to start with, all that one needs is to be humble, learn, practice and discipline oneself, to dissolve in the flow https://www.cmegroup.com/education/trading_challenge.html.                                                It is not easy, especially to release one’s ego, but the price is incomparable and is possible, thanks to you!

Thanks from our hearts to our dear friend Dr. Ramiro Sofronie The UNESCO Chair #177, member of the Twining and University Networking (UNITWIN), under the auspices of the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO, Emeritus professor and shareholder at the University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, Romania, aesthete, philosopher, erudite but first of all a rare and unique friend who has no fear to stand for us from day one. Thank you, dear friend!

We will always be grateful to Mr. Joel Bennathan QC, who came pro bono to represent us before the Privy Council on our hearing on 24 February 2017. We were even unable to pay for his ticket or hotel.

Our great thanks to our dear attorney, Mr. Phillip Lundy, who is with us for three years and ten months and to whom we were still not able to pay anything. Thank you for your experience, for your devotion to justice, for your big heart and knight’s conscience.

Special thanks to all the persons who are working in the Courts – your job will always be underpaid in respect to what you are doing for our society: with your work, you are making the legal system function fairly and, in this way, keeping peace and justice in our society, Thank You!

Our big thanks to the family which is hosting us, thank you for your patience and heart!

And thanks to everyone in our circle of friends, we are supported financially in a miraculous way, every dollar counts and is precious, thank you!

And big thanks for having daily meals all this time from the Great Commission Ministries, https://www.overthehillbahamas.org/directory/17/great_commission_ministries.html Please, support them if you can.

Thank you all for signing our petition!

We are now waiting for 5 March 2019 when Hon. Judge Ian Winder will deliver his decision in reference to:
– our Application for cross-examination of UBS’ Ms. Renate Raeber, who sworn affidavits with false information
– our Application for permission to serve interrogatories on UBS
-UBS’ application for permission to sell our property, which is made against clearly stated prohibition in the judgment of Hon. Judge Milton Evans on 21 December 2017: “No sell until further order” and was confirmed by the words of the same Hon. Judge Ian Winder on hearing of the 29 May 2018 (quoted by memory): ” The applicants [us] fear that the house will be sold before this cross-action will be completed or the appeal heard is unfounded. There is the order of Judge Milton Evans”. The only one, legally correct way for UBS to obtain the permission for sale was to make an appeal within the time prescribed by law, a year ago. They did not, so they are out of time.

What is obvious for any independent knowledgeable observer is not a reality until the Court will announce its decision.

So, please, help us by sharing the petition and sending positive energy to the judge to help him to make justice.

  “Be just, and fear not.”                                                                                                                        – William Shakespeare

Thank you! 



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