Supreme Court Bahamas Hearing, 21st February, 2019

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Last hearing on 21 February 2019

Hon. Judge Ian Winder proceeded to sign orders which he made orally in previous hearings.

One of those is that UBS, within 14 days, is now ordered to produce the documents or to swear a declaration that they do not exist in the form of the affidavit.

UBS, not having a strong defence against our claims, if not at all, used another “sly and clever” maneuver – they filed 69 pages with 189 requests for further and better particulars three days before the hearing.

On March 5 judge Ian Winder will pronounce his decision regarding our applications for cross- examination, for permission to serve interrogatories, and for UBS’ absurd application to have power to sell our home at any price.

We believe in justice, we trust judge Winder and hope that what is obvious by Natural law (Wikipedia Natural law) and the laws of the Bahamas will be made.


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