10 November 2018 – first return


We are back!Cats back Home 10.11.2018

It looks like we are starting to have back our first significant signs – our cats are back! Most of them! The joy is overwhelming!

Our big Thanks to the Bahamas Humane Society, http://www.bahamashumanesociety.com/about/, it’s president Mrs. Kim Aranha and shelter manager, Mr. Percy Grant! thanks for keeping this rea;l paradise place for all four-legged friends!

Our cats look very nice, safe and shining! They are enjoying the new place! BHS did not follow directions of our torturers UBS’s gang, to give in the forcible adoption of the cats just to create more pain on us and innocent undefended animals, and we have them back now! While it still is a deep pain for the unknown faith of escaped to capture five cats, we have seven back, one is by our friend and another by former neighbors.

May it be the beginning of great faith back!


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