12 November 2018

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Last hearing, UBS having no defence found a “brilliant” strategy to oppose our striking out and summary judgment applications:

  • amended their Defence on Thursday, 8 November 2018 – after one year and one working day before the hearing!
    • we opposed because after three years of litigation they had enough time before.
    • the Court allowed the amended defense, which we did not really argue. We know they have no defence and for the court, it probably needs more time in order to understand the full picture of crimes made by UBS Bahamas and UBS AG in the Bahamas.


  • produced the amended list of documents, without leave of the court. But we still have not seen this list to this day and the sales reports with all the dates of clearing and exchange numbers. In any event, as for today, one week later, despite clear indications from the Judge, UBS’ attorneys Marco Turnquest and Chizelle Cargill still refusing and not producing to us the documents from the list


  • most brilliant application – UBS seeking an order to market/sell our property saying in an affidavit in support that they spending 5,000$/monthly to maintain the property including a private guard for an empty house in a very good secured gated community, while we were spending around 2,000$ per month when 8 of us were living in it and using fully all its amenities in 2009 to 2013; additionally, they stated in the affidavit that they can not get a price of $3,680,000 according to the last appraisal made by an independed surveyer in December 2017 two months before they took possession.


The next hearing is on December 10, 2018.

And will be heard :

  • UBS’ application from Novemeber 2018 for sale;
  • confirmation of UBS’ illegal position with the SEC registration;
  • our application from July 2018 to strike out certain points of UBS’ defence(once they have no regsitration);
  • our application from July 2018 for summary judgement for some of our claims;
  • our application from July 2018 for an order to serve interrogatory;
  • our application  from July 2018 for inspection of the documents;
  • our application from July 2018  for an unless Order to produce the documents;

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