Double Joy and Double Glory – 9 May 2018

These days were very tense for us – the husband of twenty-five years of my only one aunt, in Israel, had a stroke. He will soon be 74 years old and our worries and sufferings were huge. Obviously, if it was not for the war with UBS and etc. we would be able to fly there and stay together… However, we can pray – which is powerful! And we asked many of our Whatsapp friends to pray too and the miracle happened – on May 9, the 4-hour surgery was a success. He is steady and recovering! Thank the Universe! Thanks to all who prayed with us!
And this is also the day which was always venerated by my beloved late mother.. we would always buy flowers and bring it to my grandfather – Litvak, Vladimir Isaakovitch, the Second World War hero, and then my mother would buy many bouquets and like other children, on the Alley of Glory, in my native city of Odessa, on the Balck Sea, I would run along and would give them out to all the veterans, slowly walking with their medals, silver hair and smiles! In the beginning, there were even veterans with St.George’s Cross[] from the First World War! Slowly fewer and fewer people were there.. many passed to another world.. and I grew up and left my city.. but the bravery, the audacity, the strength of those people are with me – we will resist any battle against the evil, we will persist and we will win!

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