New UBS blackmail, 16-17 April 2018 accomplished by 5 May 2018


The limits of tyrants are prescribed

by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

~ Frederick Douglass

Good time of the day to you, our dear friends in the Bahamas and around the world!

And now what?, – would I ask. UBS’ gang MCJ* has accomplished their threat. The meaning of this act cannot be defined others as the part of the big plan to harass us and breakdown. It has no any legal support, no any civilized human compensation. Who is suffering are our cats – five are missing, eight are crying in the shelter, which is very nice Bahamas Humane Society, but overpopulated and they staying in the closed cage. If somebody has the place in the garden and can host them until we will have our own place, please, let me know.

The little OJ – Ochi Junior, become a mother of beautiful six kittens, you can see my post on 4 May 2018.

Our goods are in storage and we are planning to organize a garage sale, we need money for living and our trading account. The Court of Appeal is still silent and our supporters still not count any wealthy person for now. So, this may be a good move to have all in place.

Even if this threat is accomplished, we still ask you, to sign our petition, please.

UBS’ gang should stop to put a head technical objections, whould come to the court and let judges to exam our facts and law base.

Good day, dear friends!

Because of the new malicious act of UBS described below we have launched a petition to stop them, will you please review and sign it (your name will remain anonymous unless you choose otherwise, but your signature can help a lot):              Thank you!

The good news is that apparently, we are getting a date in the Court of Appeal – our urgent date, after two and a half months of waiting and almost two months of rooflessness.

The bad news is these three points:

  1. Court of Appeal this time decided to follow the process of securing costs for the upcoming hearing. This did not happen in 2016. And also, strangely, there is only our name and not UBS’, so does someone know already what will be the judgment, even before the hearing? So if we will have to now secure the costs the same has to be for UBS. This is equity and not one-sided justice. Correct? Will see. In any way, for now, the date was April 24, and it looks that we can see what our “friends” MCJ*  have planned to do:
  2. Brillant Chizelle from the MCJ* gang wrote on 16 April 2018 that in case we will not sign a deed of release they will throw out our belongings into some storage! And our cats…. fourteen beloved pets.. to a Humane Society.. this will be another topic
  3. Same Chizelle, next day, April 17, 2018, wrote more – they ask us to pay costs from 2015 in the amount of $38,000, not only but also the not yet taxed costs of 2018 in the amount of $13,000! by 20 April  2018, otherwise they will oppose us to proceed with our Appeal.

My thoughts are very simple – happy and joyful to be in 2018 – the law is not to protect the wealthy, the law is to make justice! These maneuvers of this three-person gang are only confirming what, at this stage, everyone has guessed – they have no defense for our claim and nothing to say once we will be in court. And we will be! Why – simple, because the Universe and eternal Law are always protecting the Truth!

Attaching also here our letter of reply to them.

Be well and thank you for reading and supporting us.

* MCJ is for Marco, Chizelle, John:

Marco Turnquest, the unscrupulous attorney from Lenox Patton, who personally delighted in sending the deliveryman to deliver the order to our home in 2015 at 6.30 am in the Chabad morning – Saturday, which later leads to the death of my mother.

Chizelle is Chizelle Cargill, an attorney from Lenox Patton, whose cruelty is beyond comprehension, considering that she is a female being. I can’t call her woman, but still, I hope that the woman within her will wake up.

John is John Delaney, the liquidator for UBS bank, our neighbor in Lyford Cay, who apparently is behind all of this, including threatening calls at the beginning and the outrageous blackmailings now.







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