March 20, 2018, triple anniversary

Dear Friends, this Tuesday, 20 Match 2018 was triple remarkable for us.
Teo, our second son and hero during eviction attack, about which I will write in another post. On Tuesday, our dear hero turned 17 years old! Born in Italy, Verona, as a second miracle after my car accident. The first miracle was my survival and second his birth, declared by most doctors to have no real chance to be healthy. But we fell that once I was granted the life back we had no right to decide about another life – just accept with gratitude. Not only he was healthy but weighted 9 lb  2.7397oz ,  tall 24.01574803  and his Apgar’s index was 10
Smiling giant, musician, and poet, you always succeed in anything you try to do, be happy!

It is his honor to share the same Birthday with the Moses of the financial industry, the very person who made it possible for us and millions of others to be financially free! This was the jubilee of Mr. Leo Melamed – 86 years old!
Happy Birthday, dear Mr. Leo Melamed! may yo be full of health and happiness and stay many more years with us on earth!
It was also three weeks since our eviction – still without the possibility to come back and pick up our belongings. Kids without school books – we left it at home, trusting that the next day we would come back to pick up! Cats are fed by someone.  See attached here our letters to UBS’ attorney who are now intimidating us by trying to force us to sign a deed of release as a condition to re-enter our house!!! Without trial? Please see attached our letters to those so-called attorneys. So-called, because they are officers of the court and are supposed to serve justice, but in these past four years we witness them doing the exact opposite. The Police has also done nothing so far. The letter to the commissioner of Police is also attached here.
This was the day, with good and bad, but we know that saddness is a sign of something very beautiful around the corner.
We enormously enjoyed celebrating this special day with our hosting family, we never had such fun. 10 years of living in Lyford Cay hadn’t brought us such happiness as we are sharing now, surrounded by amazing friendship and brotherhood, thank You, dear hosts and Thanks, Universe!
Be well dears all,

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