The Media’s Refusal of Our Story

Dear friends and visitors,
It is probably time to give this short account regarding our relationship with the local media.
You can read the full chronology of our ordeal here, which had never happened in a Common Law world, except under Nazi’s regime
After the violent eviction, on the next day, we were guests on the radio talk show “Real Talk with Gregory Collie and Martin Albury”, on Global Radio 99.5 from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm.
Radio Photo
We were able to give our true story and had received good calls and positive support. If you wish to hear some fragments from our show, please e-mail us. We are not able to upload them here as yet.
Next day we were covered with lies and wrong information in the local tabloid “The Punch”. Please, see here below our email to its editor, which still has not been answered.
On Friday, 2 March 2018 we met with Ricardo Wells from The Tribune and gave him an extensive account of our story. Later he said that material will be published on Monday, then on Thursday and then.. not at all since “the matter is in Courts.” Forgive me, Mrs. Donna Vassiliy found her self in the middle of a family tragedy and loss and before the Court was decided all newspapers were covering the very private and scandalous details about her. And what about Baha Mar, and Nygard-Bacon, everything was in Courts and covered day by day. What is the difference now?
On Thursday, 8 March at 10.00 AM I called, as was scheduled, the Guardian. The dialogue was something like this:
– Hello, Candia, how much time do you have for us?
– 2 seconds
Me, naive, thought something did not work with this phone appointment, so I asked if I should call back.. no.. and so I went on. Conclusion – our eviction is “not news for the Guardian,” Candia said.
“Really?” I reply. “Is it every day in the Bahamas a family with six kids is evicted on an Interlocutory judgment when the Privy Council case was won, and when the competent Appeal is in the court and cross-action has not been heard?”
“It is not news.”
“Well, Candia is it not news, in 2018, that our very Primary rights have been violated – Natural law, Constitutional rights, and we have not been heard?”
“It still is in the Courts.”
“Fine, but the eviction happened, with violence against the children. Is it not news?”
“Really?!” I almost yelled. “You really believe that the Bahamas is not tired to be used as cats and dogs by offshore crooks and thrown on the street without any respect for law and procedure and the police are used as guardian dogs. They are not behaving this way in Canada, or in the UK. And it’s not news?
“No.” She says. And so on..
Recently, on 16 September 2019 in the Tribune was published next step of ongoing story of the ZNS media US lawsuit. 

Next day we sent email to the Neil Hartnell,  author and Tribune Business Editor

and still waiting his reply.

But, dear friends, together we can spread the story!
Please, share our website, consider to sign our petition on Ask UBS to Stop Obstructing our Litigation. and talk to your friends and family – our case is that the bank is in debt towards us and we will desalinate most of this victory to the charity, as we already hold in the open courts more times. Even if somebody is in debt, everything must follow the civilized action and not the way they dare to do here.

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