First sharing, the beginning

Welcome, dear friends and supporters!

Thank you so much for taking part in our battle. It is also your battle because you are all good and real people and each of us share the same feelings of Truth and Justice, Equity, and Fairness, our Brotherhood.

We are under new attack of UBS. Will you, please, sign our petition (your name will remain anonymous, but your signature will really help)

Your name will not go anywhere, your voice will make difference!

We all were born, we all will die, we all are here to help each other, we are all One! And here is our story of violence against our mutual values. And here is our battle for the Light!

You can find our story – short and full descriptions – in the Story overview section. We tried to put our main court documents in the Legal Proceedings section. In the Updates, you may read our last articles and correspondence with the other side.

On 31 March 2018, my beloved Mother  Natalia Vladimirovna Portova-Litvak, would be 80 years old …. and have updated our first post with the paragraph as below.

We are self-directed futures traders and according to CME group there are 14mln of us in the world,  little known to the large public. In 2012 we had a bad luck to enter a five-year investment agreement with UBS (Bahamas) Ltd.

In two words the math of our case is very simple – UBS’ bank obtained by fraud and perjury the order for possession against us for $ 920,164, we have a claim against UBS for damages, breaches and fraud for $ 2.0mln, plus compensation of the damages or $ 6.0mln all together – whatever the court decides just. The house last value is $ 3.6 mln. UBS is in liquidation in the Bahamas. Who is having a major risk to have difficulty to recover what court will decide?  Why not follow the fair process in the court and keep creating technical obstacles, why throw us in a roofless condition out of the propriety and even move our cats? The answer is only one -UBS and it’s gang knows that they have no chance in the court, having no basis in fact’s and in law… And you will learn from our full story, that the same attorneys are also representing Credit Suisse where we had no loan but were simply robbed.

We still have not been heard in courts on merits, but have been thrown out of the home on 27 February 2018 –  violently and illegally…. roofless, penniless, in only one hope for them – that we will give up because of hardship. And we still not been heard by the courts in our merits. 

But we have the judgment of the Privy Council in our favor – please see legal proceedings. And most of all we have you – our dear friends and supporters, thank you!

Please, read, share, advise us how to do it better. Keep supporting us in any way you can – smiles, prayers, and kind words mean a lot to us!

To understand more about so-called hidden power, which is preventing Bahamians from prosperity and us from having a date in the courts you may read a little bit of the economic history of the Bahamas and how it was shaped by Nazi

Our deepest thanks to all of those who are doing more, with actions and finance. Thank you all! Have a wonderful and amazing every moment of your lives!

May the bitterness be only a sign of the smiles to come!

There are so many treasures in the Bahamas that are not yet known. We hope you will be inspired by a photo of the Sacred Place, on the West end of the New Providence Island, the same bay where our house is – Clifton Bay. Be strong, and, please, read our painful story, our ferocious battle, and visualize our victory to come and celebration to be!





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